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College As Told By Ron Swanson

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1. When the class you need is only offered at 8 AM on Friday mornings.

2. Taking General Education classes that you have no understanding of or interest in.

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GERM308? I don't know German.

3. Going to house parties as a senior.

4. When you get that "class is cancelled" email.

5. When, even though there's no assigned seating in college, someone sits down in YOUR seat.

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Um, I sit in this spot every class.

6. When you're assigned a group project and know you'll end up doing all the work.

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Why are these still a thing? Who are you people? Do we HAVE to meet outside of class?

7. "Wikipedia is not a scholarly source."

8. Spending $300 on textbooks you never even opened.

9. Having the person you gave the wrong number to in one of your lecture classes.

10. "This isn't an assignment that can be completed the night before."

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Challenge accepted.

11. When your last class gets out on Friday and it's time to hit the bars.

12. And then being tagged in pictures on Facebook the next morning.

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Cue phone call from Mom.

13. "The exam next class is closed book and you can't use your notes."

14. When your parents come to visit and treat you to a meal.

15. ...Or when there's an event on campus that also has free food.

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College student ballin' on a budget here.

16. When your roommate points out that you've had mac n cheese three nights in a row.

17. When the teacher actually takes attendance and there are no "unexcused absences" allowed.

18. When you have homework but the next season of Scandal was just released on Netflix.

19. When you find out the final is a 30 minute presentation in front of the class.

20. Trying to finish a paper by the midnight deadline.

21. When your four hour class goes the whole four hours.

22. Inner monologue. All the time. About everything.

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