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    Stuffed Animals: Fun AND Functional!

    Take an ordinary object, turn it into a stuffed animal, and voila! Instant... fun, I guess.

    Seat Pets

    How did we even survive before these were around? What did we do, just cuddle our seat belts?

    Tummy Stuffers

    No need for ordinary boxes, hampers, or bags -- your plush pal is the perfect container for anything... even other toys!

    Thermal-Aid Zoo

    Because normal heating pads don't soothe the emotional pain.


    Not only do they keep your toes cozy, but now you can have a toy that smells like feet!

    Pillow Pets

    "Everyone needs a pillow. Why not have a fun pillow?" I can't argue with that logic.


    Too old for a Pillow Pet? How about just a pillow case? (Pillow not included.)

    Flashlight Friends

    "Kids love flashlights!" Wait... kids love flashlights?

    Tummy Lites

    If your kid is one of the few who doesn't like flashlights, never fear -- this one's a lantern!


    They're not quite a blanket, not quite a puppet, but man... [chuckles]

    So to answer your question, I don't know.