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This Is What The X-Men Would Look Like As '80s Icons

Wolverine in a crop top. 'Nuff said.

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Last month, comic artist Jamie McKelvie had this to say about the costume designs for the upcoming movie X-Men: Apocalypse:

I'm talking about the new movie. Isn't it set in the 80s?

Then fellow comic artist Kevin Wada had the idea to draw '80s-appropriate costumes.

Omg I'm suddenly really excited. Can we do this? Do I have the influence to get y'all to contribute?

And thus the #80sXmen hashtag was born.

Tag your image #80sXmen - nice and short. Let's see some awesome 80s X-men costume designs suitable for the cinemas.

Although Wada and McKelvie were originally discussing cinematic designs, like this popped-collar Cyclops...

#80sXmen Preppy, polo shirt inspired Cyclops. Description at the link.

...and high-topped Rogue...

Alright @kevinwada inspired me so I warmed up with an 80s-inspired Rogue.

...the hashtag soon took on a life of its own.

I could not resist... some much love in #80sXmen hastag!

Inspired by the fashion (those shoulder pads!)...

ok, kinda obsessed w #80sXmen cc: @kevinwada <3

...the music...

Dazzler as Prince Charming for Fashion In Action Kickstarter by John K Snyder III #80sXmen

...and films of the '80s.

Artists were eager to say, err, draw anything.

Yo! @kevinwada "Come outside, Rogue!" #80sXMen #XMen #XMenApocalypse @XMenMovies @channingtatum @GambitMovie

Especially crop tops.

Kurt "Flashloose" Wagner for @kevinwada's #80sXmen & #mansmutmondays


couldn't decide to make crop tops for Beast or Gambit, so i did both for @kevinwada's #80sXmen!!

*sweats nervously*

TOTALLY over my crop top obsession *sweats nervously* #80sXmen

Some X-Men fit right in with the '80s theme...

...while others, like, totally got a makeover.

80s Emma Frost for @kevinwada #80sXmen tag!!! ;)

Ever wanted to see Rogue as the Material Girl?

#80sXmen I hear? How about a Rogue-Madonna? :D @kevinwada #madonna #XMen

Or Mystique in a John Hughes film?

#Mystique with the 80's style. A little late hehe but here is my #80sXmen @kevinwada

Or find out if Wolverine's a fan of Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

couldn't resist doing a quick 80s wolverine #80sxmen

There's Storm as Janet Jackson...

put some bells n whistles on my warmup sketch from this morning, Ororo as Janet <3 #80sXmen

...and Michael.

LOL @McKelvie @thatartzygirl @kevinwada ok I did it I drew Storm a la Michael Jackson circa 1982 ⚡️ #80sXmen

Is there anything better than a skankin' Hank McCoy?

Quick evening sketch to join in the #80sXmen party. @kevinwada

Except maybe this perfect Iceman/Vanilla Ice mash-up?

Go ninja, go ninja, go! Stop, X-Men time. #80sXmen #iceman @kevinwada

In conclusion, '80s fashion and the X-Men go together like, well, Colossus and Kitty crop tops.

i took a little break to doodle something for @kevinwada 's #80sXmen because i could not resist

There are WAY too many illustrations to include in this post, so indulge yourself in some retro fashion by checking out the #80sXmen hashtag!