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    19 Marathon Runners Reimagined As Disney Characters

    It's not sweat, it's pixie dust!

    1. At the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, runners showed off their #Disneyside... and their muscles.

    2. This mother/son Mary Poppins/Bert combo had a jolly holiday...

    3. ...and even Mrs. Potts got out of the cupboard for a run.

    4. Some took the Glass Slipper Challenge and ran 19.3 miles -- and that's no lie.

    5. (Although even Cinderella probably just wore sneakers.)

    6. Of course, running's always easier with a bit of magic from your Fairy Godmother...

    7. ...or a trio of good fairies like Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

    8. EVE orbited past Spaceship Earth...

    9. ...while Cinderella's Stepsisters swooped in on Snow White's prince.

    10. It's amazing these Olafs didn't melt from exertion.

    11. The same can be said of this Dole Whip, tbh.

    12. And the photo opportunities! Merida took a moment to pose at Mile 12...

    13. ...and Esmeralda took a celebratory pic before returning to the Court of Miracles.

    14. Tweedledum and Tweedledee enjoyed a mad tea party with their long-lost twins...

    15. ...and even the Queen of Hearts had to snap a picture with her Cheshire Cat phone.

    16. At the finish line, Ariel's sisters looked fabulous...

    17. ...and the whole thing felt like it was once upon a dream.

    18. It was a weekend for runners to go to infinity... and beyond!

    19. Even this guy, who thought he was running Prince's Half Marathon the entire time.