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    All The Best Costumes At Disney's Star Wars Half Marathon

    ♫ When you wish upon a Death Star... ♫

    Earlier this month RunDisney held its inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side. Hundreds of runners dressed up as Star Wars or Disney characters, but a few went the extra "mile" and dressed as BOTH.

    1. Like Snowba Fett, the fairest bounty hunter of them all.

    2. Everyone's favorite Chipwoks (Chipmunks + Ewoks), Chip and Dale!

    3. Slave Jasmine, complete with Jafar the Hutt.

    4. Minnie Vader!

    5. Minnie Maul!

    7. Donald Duck as Bossk, looking like a boss.

    8. The Force awakens with Elsa Rey...

    9. ...while Anna Solo can build a snowman in less than 12 parsecs.

    10. The First Order's influence has reached the Haunted Mansion...

    11. ...where even the stretch portraits have joined the Resistance.

    12. Darth Goofy always runs in boxers.

    13. Looks like Slave Belle's been imprisoned by yet another beast.

    14. Who knew that Stitch was a Sith Lord?

    15. Or that Mary Poppins was a Jedi, complete with a parrot-handled lightsaber?

    16. The malevolent Darth Maleficent, casting a gray pall over the weekend.

    17. Tinker Bell, flying high as a Jedi...

    18. ...and showing off the allure of the Dark Side.

    19. And finally, the original Disney/Star Wars mashup: a Star Tours Flight Attendant.

    Thank you for running Star Wars. Buh-bye!