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    Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You Where To Travel In 2019 And It's Scary Accurate

    Your 2019 vacation has been written in the stars.

    Get your passports ready, because in 2019 Sagittarius (a travel-loving sign) is in its home planet of Jupiter.

    So we picked the perfect travel destination for each sign to jet off to this year!


    Jfoltyn / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Queenstown, New Zealand

    Why: Adventurous Aries will love New Zealand's "Capital of Adventure" and all the thrills it has to offer. Think epic bungee jumps, skydiving, and (OMG) the world's biggest swing. Even if thrill seeking isn't your thing, you'll love Queenstown's laid-back nature that allows for even an Aries' loose itinerary.


    Encrier / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Paris, France

    Why: What better city for Venus-ruled Taurus than the City of Love? Paris has everything a ~bougie~ Taurus enjoys: luxurious fashion, world-renowned food, and museums galore. Each arrondissement has its own unique beauty to discover. Or just spend hours sipping on a café au lait à la the French.


    Tawatchaiprakobkit / Via Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Why: Geminis can be worriers, so Thailand's metropolitan city in the north is the perfect place for you to just take a deep breath. Between elephant sanctuaries and historic temples, you'll be able to stay busy while still soaking up the easy-going vibe of the city. And when in doubt, just grab a local Chang beer and kick back.


    Vichie81 / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Edinburgh, Scotland

    Why: Edinburgh is the perfect place to match Cancer's moody AF nature. Spend time brooding along gloomy beaches, or delve into the rich and sentimental history of this centuries-old city. Your romanticism will feel perfectly at home amongst its stunning castles and churches, so daydream away!


    Jacek_sopotnicki / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Nairobi, Kenya

    Why: Feisty Leos need somewhere that can match their upbeat personalities: enter Nairobi! This dynamic city is definitely a trendsetter in culture, shown by the gorgeous fashion you'll find at the markets. Check out Maasai Market, where you'll be enchanted by the bold colors and textures of the local style that you'll def want to bring home.


    Primeimages / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Singapore

    Why: Virgo, we know how much you love things squeaky clean and that's why Singapore is your ideal destination. It's consistently on lists of the cleanest places in the world and its small size (it's smaller than NYC!) means you can jam-pack your itinerary and actually stick to it.


    Tarek_elbaradie / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Toronto, Canada

    Why: Toronto is Canada's cultural hotspot, with tons of museums and events for intellectual (*cough* highbrow) Libras to explore, including the newly reopened Museum of Contemporary Art. Plus, there's no better match for your charm than the quintessential Canadian friendliness, eh?


    Pavliha / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Marrakesh, Morocco

    Why: Passionate and mysterious, Scorpios need a city just as dynamic as they are. Marrakesh, with its colorful markets and bold, flavorful food, is as intense as any Scorpio's ocean-deep emotions. Lose yourself exploring the nooks of this labyrinth of a city or make some new best friends at the packed marketplaces.


    Kavram / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Patagonia, Chile

    Why: The answer for a travel-loving Sag could literally be: anywhere. But you'll be especially wowed by the mind-blowing scenery of Patagonia's many hiking trails, which are somehow even more beautiful IRL than on Instagram. The new Route of Parks offers 1,500 miles of open space to explore to your heart's content.


    Massimiliano Sermisoni / Via Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Tokyo, Japan

    Why: Capricorns exude BDE and will find themselves right at home in high-powered Tokyo. You'll love the fast pace of this big city and its 24/7 lifestyle (and you'll need all 24 hours for your lengthy itinerary, Cap), but don't forget to also soak in the rich, cultural activities like a traditional tea ceremony.


    Powerofforever / Via Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Reykjavík, Iceland

    Why: Quirky and artistic Aquarius, you'll love Reykjavík's cozy bars, unique shops, and funky street art pasted on every cobblestoned street. If staying in the city for too long makes you restless, don't forget you're only a hop, skip, and a jump away from some of the most stunning nature spots in the world.


    Smjoness / Getty Images, Alice Yoo / Via BuzzFeed

    Where: Maui, United States

    Why: Yes, I am suggesting an island to the fish sign, don't @ me! Breezy Maui is the ideal place for a Pisces to completely forget their real life for a while, i.e. every Pisces' favorite past time. Soak up the turquoise waters or take the time to learn about Hawaiian culture through local events like a luau!

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