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    There's A Bus That Takes You Directly From LA to SF, So We Obviously Tried It

    Could a bus truly be better than flying?

    Meet Brent and Tiffany!


    They're both producers on BuzzFeed's travel page, Bring Me! They travel a lot, both for work and for fun.

    And this is Cabin.

    Brent and Tiffany recently traveled from LA to San Francisco to shoot some videos, so they decided to forgo the 90 minute flight and try Cabin instead!

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    They left Santa Monica at around 11 p.m. and arrived in San Francisco the next morning at 7 a.m.

    Here's everything you need to know about the Cabin experience. Hop on!

    First up: check out these free amenities.


    Inside each sleeping pod guests find a welcome letter, face wipes, ear plugs (for light sleepers), a melatonin sleeping tea, and "fancy Icelandic water," as Brent puts it.

    Now time to inspect the bunks!


    "I'm a gymnast!" -Tiffany (probably).

    The sleeping cabins were surprisingly comfortable, despite their size and noticeable lack of headroom. Even Brent, who's over six feet tall, found the bed cozy. Bunks are on a first come, first served basis so they made sure to come early to snag top bunks with windows."

    Brent decided to test out the melatonin tea before bed...


    "It was, um, very healthy tasting." We'll take his word on that one.

    And Tiffany tried to stick to her usual bedtime routine. Key word: tried.


    Apparently taking out your contacts on a large bus speeding down a Los Angeles freeway is hard!

    Finally it was time for bed!


    *Spongebob narrator voice* Eight hours later...

    Good morning, San Francisco!


    Tiffany admitted she slept surprisingly well, and although Brent said he didn't get much sleep, he didn't blame it on Cabin. Overall, they both woke up feeling fairly refreshed, despite the early morning wake up call.

    Cabin had fresh coffee waiting for its guests for a much-needed caffeine boost before they ventured out to explore the city.


    The final verdict? Positive!


    Although they admitted they could have slept better and wished that Cabin had a more private place to freshen up in the morning, both Tiffany and Brent were happy with the experience. They didn't waste any valuable travel time at the airport and on a flight, instead going to sleep and waking up where they needed to be. They loved the free amenities, and even the WiFi was strong enough to keep Brent busy during his insomnia.

    Would you try Cabin?

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