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    A Bunch Of Amateurs Attempted Professional Sports And It Was As Funny As You’d Expect

    “Let’s play ball? Is that how they say it?”

    On this episode of Ultimate Bucket List, the Bring Me gang is tackling sports!

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    They tested their hands at sumo wrestling, quidditch, and professional baseball to see what should make the Ultimate Bucket List!

    Meet our sporty spices: Rich, Dan, and Jasmine.

    First up was Jasmine's choice: sumo wrestling.

    So they headed off to USA Sumo, where the team got appropriately suited up.

    Some people were worse at it than others.

    Next up was Rich's bucket list item: baseball!

    Of course, wanting to try it and actually being good at it are two very different things...

    Although Dan did achieve his ~lofty~ goal of hitting one (1) ball.

    Last up was Dan's choice and it was, well, a little unconventional: quidditch.

    Yeah, like the fictional game from Harry Potter where people fly on brooms.

    It's actually a full-on contact sport, and The Lost Boys Quidditch team takes it SERIOUSLY.

    And apparently running around with a piece of plastic between your legs is a tad bit harder than flying a broom.

    Alas, there can be only one winner in this bucket list let's see what made the cut:

    Do you think they made the right choice? Let us know!