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What Questions Do You Have About Vacationing And The Coronavirus Pandemic?

To road trip or not to road trip?

If you're anything like me, one of the things you've missed the most during lockdown is travel.


I even miss those $14 fruit cups they sell at the airport.

And although we're still in a pandemic, states across the nation are beginning to lift COVID-19 restrictions around restaurants, nature trails, and more, leading people to question whether domestic travel will be possible this summer.


So we're going to have a public health expert give us some answers!

You might be wondering if you can go on a road trip while still social distancing.

Hallmark Channel

Just you and your quaranteam, hittin' the open road.

Or whether it's even safe to stay at a hotel.


Hotel beds? Room service? Comfy robes?! Can we still have it all?

Or maybe you've contemplated buying cheap flights, but you're not sure about sitting on a crowded airplane.


The middle seat somehow got even worse.

Ask and you shall receive. Let us know your burning travel questions in the comments below and we'll have experts weigh in!

The best responses might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.

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