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    21 Subscriptions For Travelers Who’ve Been Stuck At Home All Year

    Wanderlust, be gone.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Try The World box which features gourmet food items from a specific country. Think drinks, snacks, and special ingredients you could use to make a home-cooked meal worthy of an international vacation.

    A set of international packaged ingredients against a white background with a turquoise box in the center
    Try The World

    What they'll get: Each month they'll receive seven to eight premium food products from a different country around the world.

    Promising review: "This is a perfect subscription for one who has a taste for travel, but not the bank account to do so! As someone who has done a little traveling it is great to get a chance to experience some foods from places I have been to. However, I have so many more places I wish I could travel to, and experiencing some surprise foods from those places while I save up enough money to go is all my tastebuds could ask for. This seems to be a great subscription idea for anyone with a wide pallet and love for different cultures!" —Kevin B.

    Get it from Try The World starting at $29/box.

    2. A bookish box from The Wordy Traveler. They'll receive books and other items from a different country every quarter, so they get ~explore~ a good book instead of lamenting over their canceled trips.

    A book, postcard, and other items sit atop a wordy traveler box
    The Wordy Traveler

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, they'll get one to three books, ethically sourced tea, a print from an emerging travel artist or photographer, and a handful of other goodies delivered every quarter. Plus, the company pledges that part of your purchase will go toward their charity partner, Vitamin Angels.

    Promising review: "Just received my The Wordy Traveler box and couldn’t be more happy! I received three non-fiction books themed around the US national parks, a wild mountain berry tea blend I cannot wait to try, and various other useful items for the outdoors, such as a compass! I can tell a lot of thought was put into the curation of this box and am pleased with the customer service. Highly recommend!" —Danielle I.

    Get it from The Wordy Traveler starting at $49.99/box.

    3. A subscription to Atlas Coffee Club for the traveler who beats jet lag by always staying caffeinated. It'll let them sample coffee from different countries (curated based on their preferences) and teach them how to brew the perfect cup.

    3 items sit against a white background: a colorful bag of coffee, a cup of coffee with a world map designed into the foam, and a postcard of Ethiopia
    Atlas Coffee Club

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, one to two bags of coffee from around the world, a postcard from that country, and a guide with tasting notes and brewing instructions.

    Promising review: "First of all, coffee opinions aside, this is the cutest packaging of all time. I was shipped bags from Peru and Colombia, and each was in a vibrant, patterned bag that had me instantly grabbing my phone to snap some pictures. The delivery even came with a handwritten Peru postcard. Already, I'm charmed. The coffee itself was phenomenal! The amazing smell hits you as soon as you open the box. The Colombian coffee was very smooth and chocolatey, with an almost creamy texture even when taken black. The Peruvian coffee was more bitter and fruity, but also exceptional. I think this is a great purchase for coffee fans and an even better gift thanks to the level of personal care put into each package. I feel like lots of subscription services are a rip-off, but this one definitely is worth it!" —Bek, BuzzFeed

    Read our full review of Atlas Coffee Club.

    Get it from Atlas Coffee Club starting at $50 for three months (originally $60; available in two other plans).

    4. A quarterly box of camping supplies from The Camp Life — the camper (or glamper) who would rather be sitting under the stars than on their couch. Because who doesn't need an extra set of utensils or a pair of warm yet cute socks?

    A top down of an open box stuffed with camping gear, like socks, utensils, wipes, and snacks
    The Camp Life

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, each box includes three to seven camping essentials, snacks, or lifestyle products, for everyone from campers to glampers to RVers.

    Promising review: "The boxes are a great mix of useful products and yummy snacks. The themes are fun and the packaging makes great little monthly gifts...even if they are for yourself! I have already added several items from the boxes as must-buy Christmas gifts for family and friends. Perfect boxes for campers, scouts, or any outdoor enthusiast! You won't be disappointed." —Kelly P.

    Get it from The Camp Life starting at $44.95/box.

    5. A fun-filled box from Little Passports that lets your littlest traveler friends explore a new country or US state every month through souvenirs, hands-on activities, maps, and access to extra online content so they can learn and enjoy.

    An array of colorful items against a white backdrop, including a mini suitcase, map, stickers, and fake passport
    Little Passports

    Order by the 15th for Christmas delivery!

    What they'll get: The World box includes a signature suitcase filled with a map, letters from pen pals, stickers, a passport, and more. The USA box includes a field guide, a map, and pen pal letters. Both include access to online content, plus new activities and items from a different location every month.

    Promising review: "Oh, the places you'll go! Little Passports makes the cutest travel-friendly subscription boxes so your kids know the true meaning of wanderlust at an early age." —Jamie

    Get it from Little Passports starting at $17.95/box for the World Edition subscription or $15.95/box for the US Edition subscription.

    6. A Universal Yums package featuring snacks from a different country each month — like pineapple candy from Thailand or hazelnut truffles from Belgium — so they can eat their way around the world without ever leaving their couch (or sweatpants).

    An assortment of packaged snacks peeks out from a blue and white designed box
    Universal Yums

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, anywhere from six to twenty (or more!) snacks as well as a booklet filled with trivia and games.

    Get it from Universal Yums starting at $35.75/box.

    7. The happiest subscription box on Earth from Lux Illume that lets even the biggest Disney-lover get their mouse on with items like theme park–inspired candles, merch, and more — all delivered to their doorstep.

    A collection of Disney items sit atop a brick floor, including a map, candles, rock candy, and a disney dining guide
    Lux Illume

    What they'll get: Each box includes two large candles in "Explorer" or "Sweet Treats" scents (these change every month depending on theme), plus an assortment of ~surprise~ extra gifts and a personalized note from the founder.

    Promising review: "I loved this box. It had two fabulous scents and extra goodies that made the overall experience fun and exciting. If you love Disney-inspired scents and being surprised with creative packaging and fun items inside, then be sure to grab this subscription box." —Lisa B.

    Get it from Lux Illume starting at $54.99/box. (Note: their holiday box is sold out, so any boxes purchased now will ship in January. But we think the wait is worth it!)

    8. A subscription to Rosetta Stone, so they can prepare for their next big international trip by becoming fluent in the local language (or at least learning how to ask where the bathroom is).

    Three smart phones with example screens from the program surrounded by red and gold classic ornaments
    Rosetta Stone

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, three months with one language, 12 months with unlimited languages, or a lifetime with unlimited languages.

    Get it from Rosetta Stone starting at $7.99/month.

    9. A Heat Hot Sauce of the month subscription that will keep their tongue tingling with flavors from around the world, like taco-style Oaxacan hot sauce or Akabanga Rwandan chile oil.

    Three hot sauce bottles with colorful, quirky labels sit next to a hot sauce of the month club box with chile peppers on it
    Heat Hot Sauce

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, one to three bottles of hot sauce ranging from mild to medium to extra hot, delivered every month or quarter.

    Promising review: "I love my monthly box. It’s been such a great way to try new sauces. I’ve found sauces I absolutely love that I never would have tried at all if it wasn’t for my subscription. Sauces I thought I would hate, I absolutely love." —Chelcie

    Get it from Heat Hot Sauce starting at $14.99/box.

    10. A monthly boozy box from Wine Awesomeness featuring wines (obviously!) from around the world that will impress even your most well-traveled — and bougiest — friends. Cheers!

    A top down of a booklet called French Harvest surrounded by bottles of wine
    Wine Awesomeness

    Order before December 16th to get delivery by Christmas Day!

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, they'll receive a box with three or six bottles of wine, ranging from red to white to sparkling, delivered every month. They'll also get a magazine with a tasting guide, as well as membership perks like 25% off wines in the Wine Awesomeness shop.

    Get it from Wine Awesomeness starting at $147/three months.

    11. A subscription to Goldbelly, which delivers food from famous restaurants across the USA, for your friend who always travels with their stomach.

    A splitscreen features a layered crepe cake on a blue background and a pastrami sandwich on a pink screen with text "Best of Goldbelly Monthly" at the top

    What they'll get: A monthly box filled with either their favorite type of food (like pizza, pie, or cookies), food from a specific restaurant or city, or Goldbelly's "Best of" box which includes a curated selection of the most iconic dishes from popular restaurants around the country. The amount of food they'll get varies depending on the type of box.

    Promising review: "Received my order — so HAPPY! If you love great cuisine from sea to shining sea, try Goldbelly! It’s great." —Jason B.

    Get it from Goldbelly starting at $45/month or get an e-Gift Card here. (Note: subscription boxes won't ship until January, but we still think this is a great gift!).

    12. A curated box from The Nomadik for the traveler who prefers Patagonia over Paris. Every month, they'll get a seasonally inspired box filled with essential outdoor gadgets and gear for every kind of trip.

    An open cardboard box with items like a camping knife, fire starter, energy chews, and more against a dark green background

    What they'll get: Each box contains three to seven full-sized gear pieces (with a combined retail value of at least $50), plus a monthly ~outdoor challenge~ to help inspire their next trip.

    Get it from The Nomadik starting at $29.99/box.

    13. A subscription to Japan Crate, which sends an array of tasty Japanese snacks, drinks, and candy for anyone who has Japan on their bucket list.

    A box filled with colorful japanese snacks like KitKat and Pocky
    Japan Crate

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, they'll get a monthly delivery of five to twenty snacks and a "manga-zine," complete with translations and fun facts. The premium package also includes a DIY kit and a mystery bonus item.

    Promising review: "My team at work got a three-month subscription to the premium box for a coworker's birthday. He loves snacks and trying new stuff, and is interested in Japanese culture, so it was a perfect fit. He thought it was so cool! He unboxed it during a virtual team meeting so we could all enjoy it. Lots of little things, including a bag of wasabi-flavored Doritos, which he got such a kick out of. Would definitely recommend this box!" —Shanna S.

    Get it from Japan Crate starting at $12/box. (Note: boxes purchased now won't ship until January, but we still think this is a great gift!)

    14. A ~spicy~ subscription box from Spice Madam that will take their kitchen — and taste buds — on a trip around the world with curated spices, recipes, playlists, and fun facts from a different destination each month.

    A variety of colorful spices in the shape of a global map across brown paper, with bowls of spices surrounding
    Spice Madam

    What they'll get: Every month they'll receive three to four spice packs with four to six corresponding recipes, plus cultural facts about that month's destination and a curated playlist to listen to while they cook.

    Promising review: "Exceptional spices, and you can tell how good it is even from the aroma. The recipes are so easy to make, and our family enjoyed the food tremendously! This is my go-to gift this year — all our friends are getting a subscription because it's THAT good! We've already tried Morocco, Japan, Pakistan, and Greece. What's next? Can't wait!" —Tim J.

    Get it from Spice Madam starting at $18.33/box.

    15. A monthly Globe In box featuring handmade, ethically sourced lifestyle and home goods from artisans around the world. They can either curate their box or opt for a mystery box of souvenirs brought right to their door.

    A wooden serving tray, intricate gold tea pot, and fancy serving spoon against a teal background
    Globe In

    What they'll get: A choice of four curated boxes a month featuring three to five handmade home and lifestyle items, such as woven baskets, serving dishes, glassware, and home decor.

    Get it from Globe In starting at $33/box.

    16. A family-friendly subscription from Up and Away Adventures that helps kids and adults alike explore the world. Each box includes country-specific activities and items that use all five senses to make them feel as if they're really abroad.

    A wooden suitcase-looking box holds a variety of objects from Spain including art, a postcard, yellow rice, m&ms, and a picasso sticker book
    Up and Away

    What they'll get: A bi-monthly suitcase full of multi-sensory educational and fun activities that cover everything from the country of the month's culture and cuisine to music, games, and more.

    Promising review: "Best travel box ever! If you are looking for a fully immersive travel experience, this is the subscription box for you. This box from Spain had our whole family in on the fun!” —Asheli C.

    Get it from Up and Away starting at $49.95/box.

    17. A Bibliophilic Excursions monthly subscription that sends books, artisan items, and snacks to create an experience comparable to traveling. Each month focuses on a different country, so it's perfect for that person who loves exploring the world and a good book.

    An array of items lay flat on a marble backdrop: two books, a dragon figurine, a jarred good, and more
    Bibliophilic Excursions

    What they'll get: Two books (one fiction and one non-fiction) that capture the culture of that month's destination, as well as five to seven additional items made in the destination, such as snacks, homewares, and beauty products.

    Promising review: "I received the Iceland box as my first one — and it's fantastic! This box showed thoughtful, excellent curation. I've been introduced to a Nobel Prize-winning fiction writer (Halldór Laxness), whom I didn't know before, and also enjoyed my non-fiction selection about Icelandic folk tales. The beauty item was a moss salt scrub — very nice and effective. I was thrilled with the jewelry — a rune necklace and a key chain with a troll figure made from lava stone. Also, a lovely bookmark with lava stone and a metal Thor figurine. To wrap it all up, interesting and tasty small batch chocolates from Omnom. I do feel the shipping was high, but the overall box was great, and I'm looking forward to the next one." —Kelly P.

    Get it from Bibliophilic Excursions starting at $39.99/box.

    18. A flight-attendant curated Flygirl Box that's expertly packed with travel-friendly essentials — like toiletries, snacks, and suitcase organizers — for the person who is usually always on the go.

    An open box with a globe design is filled with things like a packaged snack, face oil, clear travel pack, and more with overlaid text and arrows explaining the items
    Flygirl Box

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, each box contains three or five travel-friendly items, like toiletries, a travel blanket, a thermos, snacks, and more.

    Promising review: "The best surprise box for travelers! Not only do you receive the items in the box, but also a virtual recipe box for healthier living. I love receiving things that are not only functional but make travel easier. Highly recommend it! —Betty

    Get it from Flygirl Box starting at $29.99/box.

    19. A Tea Runners subscription of teas from across the globe for that traveler who prefers leaves over beans. Each month's box can be customized depending on their tastes!

    Multiple packs of loose leaf tea sit against a white backdrop with a small glass of amber-colored tea
    Tea Runners

    What they'll get: A monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly box of four loose-leaf teas. They'll be able to choose what type of teas they want to receive and can switch boxes throughout the subscription period.

    Promising review: "Very glad to support a small business and get some truly world-class teas shipped to my door. If you're on the fence, just try it. You won't regret it." —Sean F.

    Get it from Tea Runners starting at $25/box.

    20. A subscription to Beauteque Monthly that will deliver the latest in Korean beauty and skincare products — perfect for the traveler whose toiletries take up a whole second suitcase.

    A collection of Korean skincare packages against a pink background
    Beauteque Monthly

    Subscribe by 12/15 to receive December's box!

    What they'll get: Depending on the subscription, they'll receive a box full of either nine skincare masks or six full-sized beauty and skincare products, delivered every month.

    Promising review: "I just received the box! I received all the products that I will use for sure, like face wash, face masks, and acne patches, and do not plan to throw them away (as long as my skin feels good using it). I am impressed with the box and definitely getting another one." —Ecaterina D.

    Get it from Beauteque Monthly starting at $13/box for the Mask Maven subscription or $22/box for the Beauty Box subscription. (Note: be sure to purchase by Dec. 15 to get December's box!)

    21. Finally, an Indie States of America subscription for the foodie who has always wanted to eat their way through every state.

    Indie States of America

    What they'll get: A monthly box of unique snacks highlighting a different region of the USA, from California pickles to Carolina BBQ sauce.

    Get it from Mouth starting at $54/box, or get an e-Gift Card here.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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