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    Updated on Dec 6, 2019. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

    We Made A Tourist And A Local Hang Out In Times Square For A Day

    Dave is an NYC local. Samuel is from Alabama. They have very different opinions on Times Square.

    Meet Dave.

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    He's lived in New York City for 10 years. Naturally, he hates Times Square.

    Meet Samuel.

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    He's visiting from a small town in Alabama, where "there are no Starbucks, or even Burger Kings." He can't wait to visit Times Square.

    We forced them to go to Times Square together to see how a tourist and a local would react to one of New York City's most iconic sites.

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    They were asked to complete three tasks in one hour and all the tasks had to be done in Times Square.

    Some people were more thrilled than others.

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    Task 1: Eat a classic New York hot dog.

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    Or, as Dave calls them, "New York diarrhea." Samuel wasn't really impressed, especially for the price. A $9 hot dog ≠ a good hot dog.

    Task 2: Take a photo with a costumed character.

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    No Elmos were harmed in the making of this video. Although Dave was mentally scarred by the swarm of Minnie Mouses that came before this photo op.

    Task 3: Write a song and sing it on the iconic Red Steps.

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    *cue Alicia Keys voice*

    They had a rough start lyrically, but eventually killed it with Samuel on vocals and Dave backing up with some sick beat boxing.

    And despite all of the hurdles, by the end of the hour each of them had made a new friend.

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    Dave might have been terrified by the swarm of costumed Minnie Mouses and forced to eat a street hot dog, but he did have to admit that Times Square wasn't all bad.

    And Samuel got to live out one of his dreams: performing a song in New York City. Although, his dream probably also included a duet with Beyoncé. Close enough.

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