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    27 Surreal Travel TikToks That'll Make You Forget You're Stuck At Home

    We're traveling from our couch now.

    To stop the spread of the coronavirus, right now it’s important to avoid nonessential travel and practice social distancing, as recommended by health authorities around the world. We hope you’ll find our content a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, or worth bookmarking for a future trip.
    Stay safe and informed by checking government health sites and following our latest coverage. Oh, and please wash your hands.

    If you're anything like me, you've spent quarantine so far stuck on your couch thinking about all the traveling you can't do for the foreseeable future.

    Even though we can't actually travel right now, we've found a way to satisfy that wanderlust from home: binging travel TikToks. Here are some of our favorites that'll make you feel like you're anywhere but your couch.

    1. This floating breakfast in the Alps that puts my bowl of cereal to shame.

    2. Imagine being quarantined at this suite in the Maldives. GOALS.

    3. I've suddenly realized my eating schedule has basically become the same as a hobbit's...

    4. Would give just about anything to be sitting on this swing in Bali instead of my couch.

    5. Okay, would maybe be too scared to leave my couch for this but OMG, those views!


    ANGELS LANDING HIKE! Most dangerous hike in the US!!! ##fyp ##travel ##utah

    ♬ ROXANNE - Arizona Zervas

    6. *muffled crying as I stuff Trader Joe's cheese into my mouth* C'est la vie!

    7. Excuse me while I try to google where this is and how I can fly there ASAP.*

    *Post-quarantine, of course!

    8. Ah to be a goat living in the Swiss Alps with no knowledge of the outside world...

    11. Me running straight for the airport as soon as the travel ban lifts:

    12. If you move your phone along with the video, it's almost like you're there.

    13. Breathe in and pretend you're smelling this fresh Canadian air (and not your roommate's burnt pizza rolls).

    14. If my running trail looked like this, MAYBE I WOULD ACTUALLY GO RUNNING OKAY!

    15. Why are there so many castles around the world and yet I don't live in one? Much to think about...

    18. Please tell me there are tacos waiting on the other side of that rope...


    Would you ride the world’s longest bicycle zip line?! With @everchanginghorizon_ ##travel ##tiktoktravel ##mexico ##featurme ##wanderlust

    ♬ Vete Pa La - Lele Pons

    19. Watching this is 1000x better than watching Avatar.

    20. Camping has never looked so relaxing.

    21. Catch me on one of these post-quarantine, sipping a margarita without a care in the world.

    22. If I think really, really hard, I can almost remember what sunlight feels like!

    23. The best view in Tokyo is...on an escalator? Who knew!

    24. Would get my lazy-ass up for the sunrise everyday if it looked like this.

    25. Just when I thought I forgot what trees look like, this video of Singapore's airport reminded me.

    26. Not sure if I'm more jealous of the person filming this or the penguins who don't have to practice social distancing.

    27. Lastly, you know your wanderlust has gotten real bad when you missing sitting on a plane.

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