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Tell Us The Thing About Your Country That Makes Tourists Go "Wow, I Did NOT Know That"

AKA the easiest way to spot a tourist from a local.

Being a tourist in another country can definitely be fun, but what about being a local in a place with lots of tourists? Before ~le pandemic~ hit, travelers were flying all over the world, including (probably) to whichever country you live in! Which means you've likely interacted with some confused, amazed, or even surprised tourists who were maybe experiencing a bit of culture shock.

So, we want to know: what is the thing that surprises tourists most when they visit your country?

Paramount Pictures / Via

Look, we gotta prepare ourselves for post-pandemic travel!

Maybe it's something surprising about dining out, like how restaurants serve water at room temperature in France and it often leaves tourists (*ahem* Americans) perplexed at the café table.

A table with a full cappuccino, water carafe, and water glass with text "no ice!"

Or perhaps it's something your country doesn't do, like Japan's lack of public trash cans that's sure to bamboozle unsuspecting visitors who end up circling a city block looking for somewhere to throw their coffee cup.

A row of trash cans with Japanese writing and added text: "not common"

Or maybe it's a common greeting that catches tourists unaware, like the "nose kiss" in the United Arab Emirates that might confuse visitors who lean in for a handshake.

A woman and her young son laugh and touch noses with added text: "hello!"

Or something that seems like second nature to you, but ends up being a shock to tourists, like the lack of surnames in Iceland.

A family of four poses for a selfie on an Icelandic beach with text "all have different last names"

So what surprises tourists about *YOUR* country? Let us know in the comments below and the top responses might be featured in a BuzzFeed community post.