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What's The Best Advice About Student Loan Debt You've Ever Received?

Help a fellow broke graduate out, yeah?

If you have any student loan debt, then you know this feeling every month:

@DeuceCaliber / Via Twitter: @DeuceCaliber


It's not the best feeling. So, if you've gotten a handle on your student loans, we want to know what advice YOU have for graduates with debt. Whether you've already paid off your loans or are still making those monthly payments, we need your tips and tricks for managing all that $$$.

GQ / Via

Maybe you know the secret to getting your interest rates lowered.

Nickelodean / Via

^ Literally what paying off interest feels like.

Or maybe you found the perfect budgeting app that helps you keep your loans in check.

VH1 / Via

Just a broke graduate in search of the Holy Grail of budgeting apps.

Or perhaps you got some advice about making extra payments that helped you pay off your loans even faster.

Netflix / Via

Gimme allllll the advice.

Whatever your current sitch, we want to hear how you've successfully handled student loan debt. Leave your advice/tips/tricks in the comments below, and you might see your suggestion in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!