There Are Seven "Shadow And Bone" Books, So Here's What You Need To Know About Them

    Welcome to the Grishaverse.

    If you're anything like me, you probably spent all weekend bingeing Netflix's latest series, Shadow and Bone.

    Alina Starkov furrows her brow as she looks off past the camera, wind blowing her hair

    And (again, if you're like me) you are completely OBSESSED and want a second season, like, yesterday. Netflix, hurry up with the renewal announcement!

    (top) the Darkling tells Alina intensely, "you are grisha, you are not alone;" (middle) Alina looks at him longingly; (bottom) the Darkling offers Alina his hand atop a horse

    But luckily for us, there are SEVEN amazing Grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo, so we can continue to explore Ravka and beyond while we wait to be reunited with our faves (we're talking about Milo the goat, of course).

    BREAKING: milo the goat was rushed to hospital with severe back pains from carry the entire show on his shoulders #ShadowAndBone

    There are three separate series set in the same universe, with Season 1 pulling from the first Shadow and Bone book and setting up a prequel for the Six of Crows book.

    All of the different Grishaverse series can technically be read independently, but they're set in the same universe and have some character crossover, so I ~personally~ recommend reading them all! As someone who has read the books, I still very much enjoyed the show despite knowing what was going to happen (for the most part).

    So here's the lowdown on each book — happy reading!

    PS: there are some spoilers for Season 1 of Shadow and Bone (and potentially the whole series!) below!

    1. Shadow and Bone

    2. Siege and Storm

    3. Ruin and Rising

    4. Six of Crows

    5. Crooked Kingdom

    6. King of Scars

    7. Rule of Wolves

    And if you still want MORE, you can always pick up a collection of Grisha folktales and fables, like The Language of Thorns or The Lives of Saints.