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"Selfie" Was The Millennial Show We All Needed And I Miss It Every Damn Day


Hello there from your typical millennial. Like many of you, I grew up just as the internet became ~a thing~ and was coding my own HTML on Myspace at the tender age of 13. Obviously, I've heard allllll the millennial jokes and stereotypes. I mean, my dad asks me if I'm posting "on the facechat" every time I go on my phone.

So when the ABC show Selfie premiered in 2014, I figured it would just be a corny show about social media. But little did I know that, although Selfie is all about millennial culture, it's also ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS OF ALL TIME.

The series follows Eliza Dooley, a seemingly vapid, social media–obsessed twentysomething who works at a pharmaceutical company. She's famous on social media, but after getting dumped, she realizes that "being friended isn't the same as having friends." In order to remake her image (aka become a better person), she enlists crotchety coworker Henry to use his marketing skills on her personality.

Hulu / Via

Sounds great, right!?

Unfortunately, the show was canceled after only one season, and a little part of me died along with it. But I'm not alone: The show has a cult following on Twitter, and there was even a petition to bring it back that got over 65,000 signatures.

Fun Fact: I will never get over #Selfie being canceled. That show was a gift to television.

Forever mad about Selfie being cancelled. WE HAD JOHN CHO IN A ROM COM TV SHOW. #Oscars

It’s 2018 and it’s still difficult to deal with the fact the 2014 tv show Selfie was cancelled just when it was becoming great. #selfietvshow

Clearly, my fellow millennials are just as obsessed as I am, so please allow me to explain why.

1. To begin, it's loosely based on the musical, My Fair Lady.

Warner Bros. / Via

Eliza Dooley is a play on Eliza Doolittle, and Henry is based on Henry Higgins! Both storylines follow a man trying to "improve" a woman's social status and ending up falling in love with her along the way.

2. It stars the one and only Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley.

Eric Mccandless / Getty Images

Yes, of Doctor Who, Avengers, and Jumanji fame.

3. Plus, John Cho — and I cannot stress this enough — as the romantic lead.

Eric Mccandless / Getty Images

He is the perfect blend of witty, handsome, and just a dash of grumpy charm. Give this man more romantic roles!

4. And the chemistry between them was off. the. charts.

A side view of Eliza grabbing onto Henry's tie and looking down at his lips.
Hulu / Via

The show takes the "enemies to lovers" trope and slow burn romance to a whole new level. Eliza thinks Henry is a total bore, while Henry thinks Eliza is vain and self-obsessed. Little do they know they actually have a lot to learn from each other.

5. The show poked fun at Eliza's obsession with her phone, but also gave her a multifaceted and complex personality.

ABC / Via

As the show goes on, we learn more about Eliza's past and the insecurity issues that led to her being so obsessed with her looks. As a kid, she was voted "Most Butt" (seriously, lol) by her classmates and bullied for her looks, which totally explains why she feels the need to appear so put-together on social media. The layers, people!

6. The references to 2000s pop culture are nostalgically hilarious.

Hulu / Via

Remember when we put "hashtag" in front of everything? Ah, 2014 — a simpler time.

7. Eliza gives a haunting rendition of Sia's "Chandelier" that could rival anyone's post-breakup meltdown song.

View this video on YouTube

ABC / Via

I mean, who among us has never drunkenly let out our feelings at karaoke night? But in all seriousness, this scene actually brings me to tears every time I rewatch (which is...a lot).

8. The entire cast is diverse and amazing.

Hulu / Via

Highlights of the supporting cast include Charmonique, the office receptionist, and her son, who we discover sounds exactly like Eddie Murphy when he cries.

9. Plus, Eliza's neighbors include a Jessica Day type whose friend group sports the very 2014 look of fake prescription glasses and a ukelele as an accessory.

Eric Mccandless / Getty Images

The Tumblr vibes are STRONG with these ones. I may or may not have owned that exact skirt, but that's neither here nor there.

10. There's an amazing "makeunder" scene where Eliza realizes she doesn't need external validation to feel good about herself.

Hulu / Via

She even rips down all her "inspirational" photos of celebrities and puts up her "most butt" yearbook photo to remind her that she's the role model she needed all along.

11. And if that wasn't enough to convince you, let me just remind you of the main characters:

Eric Mccandless / Getty Images

We had this couple and we just let them flop. Cue the shame bells.

So, basically, my point is: Who's down to pool their money together and start production on Season 2?