19 Outfits From Mindy Kaling's Closet I 100% Want To Steal

    The Mindy Project? More like The Mindy Project Runway.

    We all know Mindy Kaling, right? Writer and star of hit shows like The Office and The Mindy Project, plus the mind behind one of 2020's best shows, Never Have I Ever. Well, in case you haven't noticed, she posts a lot of OOTDs (outfits of the day, in internet lingo) on her Instagram and they are 🔥. So if you're (like me) sitting around in sweats looking for some inspiration, LOOK NO FURTHER, MY FRIENDS!

    1. First up, there's this little number that makes "the business bitch" seem like a real job title.

    2. And this striped dress and off-the-shoulder jacket combo that screams "tough, but also chic."

    3. Or how about when she got all dressed up in head-to-toe pink just to celebrate #EarthDay?

    4. And we have to talk about when she looked ready to stroll through the world's most glamorous farmers market.

    5. Also the time she looked like a literal goddess just to get her mail (who among us has not been there during quarantine?).

    6. Or when her daughter thought she dressed up like a "piñata," but we think she just looks amazing.

    7. I mean, queen of matching accessories, am I right???

    8. And we can't forget about the time she showed off her array of iconic swimsuits.

    9. THIS. DRESS. Enough said.

    10. And we gotta love Ms. Kaling in her power color: hot pink.

    11. Or how about this outfit that is basically the fashion embodiment of Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar."

    12. And we have to discuss her taste in animal prints — I mean, COME ON.

    13. Animal print: the gift that keeps on giving.

    14. Don't forget about this lumberjack-chic look that's perfect for winter.

    15. And when she made wearing a mask look oh so good.

    16. Or when she brought our cottagecore dreams to life with this dress.

    17. How about when she made us green with envy by wearing this stunning (but surprisingly comfy looking???) dress.

    18. Of course, there was this outfit that made us all wish we were on a beach vacation somewhere — anywhere — that wasn't our homes.

    19. And finally, when she kept it real and admitted that she too spends all day wearing tie-dye sweat suits.

    @Mindy — hit me up if you ever need a shopping buddy, yeah?