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    I Shopped My Mom's Closet For A Week And This Is What I Wore

    I got it from my mama.


    I like to think I've got a great sense of style. At least, I know what's currently trendy and how to flatter my body with clothes. Overall, I just LOVE fashion.

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    I can trace my love of fashion all the way back to six-year-old me receiving a pair of glittery red boots from my mother. Those shoes became my babies and I rarely took them off... until I outgrew them probably six months later. Regardless, they started a love of style that has continued on into my adulthood and, tbh, I got my mama to thank for that.

    One time my mom dyed her hair and wore faux fur, so then I went out and dyed my hair and wore faux fur.

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    Yup, that's my mom's pink hair and Cruella De Vil jacket. And then I totally copy-catted her a couple months later (see below).

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    When I decided to wear my mom's clothes for a week, I knew I wasn't going to be stuck in mom jeans and frumpy sweaters. Even if our styles don't always mesh, she's got some amazing taste and I do sometimes (read: all of the time) steal her new clothes out of her closet. But it was definitely fun experimenting with a totally new closet to work with.

    Day One

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    I started my challenge off with a bang: a full on leopard one piece. My mom's closet is chock-full of leopard print. I could honestly do a week of JUST wearing her leopard clothes and still not wear them all. I, on the other hand, don't even own any animal print, so this outfit was way out there for me. But I actually ended up liking the way it looked on me and I even got compliments from strangers (aka the cashier at Chipotle) which made me reconsider the healthy lack of animal print in my own closet.

    Day Two

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    Weirdly enough, this was my least favorite outfit of the five. Despite LOVING the comfort of essentially wearing pajamas all day, I honestly felt like a mom who didn't want to get fully dressed to drop her kids off at school at 8 AM. My style is definitely more formal than my mom's so the loose tee and flowy pants just felt really off to me.

    Day Three

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    Day three was an homage to a time before my mom even dreamt of having a daughter to mooch off of her closet: the 80's. This is actually the closest I got to my own style; dark colors, heeled booties, and an emphasis on the waistline. And yes, that is actually my mother's Nasty Gal choker (she's a total fashionista). When I asked her if this was something she would have worn when she was my age she said - and I quote - "Yes, but the skirt would have been much shorter."

    Day Four

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    I think anyone who knows my mom recognizes an outfit like this one. Shorts, sandals, a tee, and a button-up or cardigan: total mom-chic. Taking a jaunt through the Sunday Farmer's Market in this number, I totally felt the part of a suburban LA mom. FYI, those are tiny elephants on the shorts - seriously, is there any article with animal print that this woman doesn't own???

    Day Five

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    My mom works in the beauty industry, so I thought this was the perfect end to the challenge. Even though the print is louder than I would usually wear, I liked the contrast with the casual jeans and ballet flats. I usually trade my jeans for sweatpants the second I get home, so I always wondered how my mother lives in hers until she goes to bed. Well, Mom, you won this one because those things are comfy as HELL.

    Mom: 1, Denim-Hating Daughter: 0.

    Overall, it was fun forcing myself to experiment outside of my comfort zone with some of these outfits, but it felt really great to be back in my worn-in pair of high-waisted jeans after five days. Old habits die hard, I guess.