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    Sep 14, 2016

    Here's What Happened When I Shaved My Head Like Eleven From "Stranger Things"

    I may not have kickass super powers, but I do have a new sense of self-confidence.


    Whether we consciously realize it or not, long hair has often been upheld as a symbol of femininity. But recently, a few amazing women have been challenging this stereotype on the big and small screens.

    Looper / Blastr

    Two of the latest badass ladies to buzz their hair and ROCK it are the breakout character of Netflix's "Stranger Things," Eleven, (played by Millie Bobby Brown) and Deadpool's Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand).

    Like many other "Stranger Things" binge-watchers, I admired Bobby Brown's dedication to her character by shaving off her long locks. However, probably unlike many others, I secretly wanted to be her. Or, more specifically, I wanted her hair.

    Kirby Beaton for Buzzfeed

    Let me preface this article by saying that hair has never been a big deal to me: I've had it long, short, blonde, red, and even blue at one point. Case in point, this *super candid* shot to show just how colorful and long my hair was just six months ago. I tend to grow it really long and cut it all off in a moment of spontaneity. But buzzing it all off? That was a new one, even for me.

    When I told people that I was planning on getting a buzz cut, I was usually met with a look of shock and obvious hesitation. Hell, even my hairstylist seemed like she was trying to talk me out of it just minutes before the shears came out.

    Kirby Beaton for Buzzfeed

    I honestly kept waiting to hate my suuuuuper short hair. There was a moment, right after my hairstylist cut off my pigtails, when I had the world's most lopsided bowl cut and I thought, "oh shit." But by the time she was done and my head was basically peach fuzz, I was in love. My head felt lighter, I stood up straighter, and my blue-green eyes seemed to stand out more in my face. Even my friends who had come to watch had to admit: I was totally rocking it.

    In the end, I was inspired to buzz my head by awesome female characters like Eleven, but what really dedicated me to the crazy idea was the social reaction to it. People saw my decision as something I would instantly regret.

    Kirby Beaton for Buzzfeed

    I see shaving my head as a journey: to better self-confidence, an edgier sense of style, and a big "fuck you" to the patriarchal idea that beautiful automatically equals feminine.