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    A 9-Pound Japanese Katsu Curry Exists And Here's Where You Can Get It

    "Have you ever been so full that you start thinking about life?"

    This is Jasmine. She loves surprising her friends with giant versions of their favorite foods.


    She loves it so much she has a show dedicated to it called Giant Food Time!

    So she brought her friend Skyler to Kenka in NYC to challenge him to eat a giant Japanese katsu curry.

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    Skyler says curry is his favorite food...but can he handle 9 pounds worth?

    Yes, that is seriously 9 POUNDS worth of curry.


    Okay, it's not all curry though. It's made up of 3.5 pounds of rice, 3.1 pounds of curry, and 5.4 pounds of pork katsu. Oh. My. God.

    It's cooked in a HUGE pot.


    Is she stirring with a paddle?

    And it's topped with not one, but TWO fried pork cutlets.


    This is when Jasmine started to really sweat.

    Like any good competition, there was some friendly trash-talking before the eating began.


    Damn, Skyler!

    Finally came the big reveal!


    Jasmine seemed excited for the challenge, while Skyler quickly dropped his smack-talking attitude in favor of a nervous grimace.

    Okay, but time for the ultimate test: Whose stomach is really bigger?


    With 20 minutes on the clock, Skyler and Jasmine dug in and tbh my stomach hurt just watching it.

    Halfway through and it was becoming hard to tell where the curry ended and they began.


    Hang in there, guys.

    Eventually both of them had to admit defeat, BUT someone must still be declared the winner.


    Drum roll please...

    And the award for biggest stomach goes to Jasmine!


    Those leftovers alone would feed me for a week.

    And on that note, katsu all later!