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    Here's What Happened When We Tried To Eat A 5-Pound Sushi Roll

    It's basically a newborn baby made out of sushi.

    This is Jasmine. She LOVES giant food.

    This is Jasmine's friend, Kelsey. She LOVES sushi.

    And THIS is a giant sushi roll.

    When Jasmine discovered this, she decided to take Kelsey on a ~super secret~ trip from LA to San Diego so she could surprise her with this giant version of her favorite food!

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    For context, the "Monster Roll" can weigh between 5 and 6 pounds, and each piece is approximately the size of a burger.

    And the entire roll is equivalent to eight normal sushi rolls.

    Let's just say that Kelsey was more than a little surprised to open her eyes to a ~literal~ food baby.

    I mean, the roll was the size of her calf. HER CALF!

    The restaurant challenges patrons to finish their rolls in under 15 minutes to earn a spot on the wall of fame.

    There were some highs.

    And also some lows.

    Okay, maybe a lot of lows.

    Alas, in the end, they couldn't complete the challenge and their photos ended up on the wall of shame.

    Now please excuse me while I watch this on loop and try not to drool on my phone.