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    We Drank A 9.5-Pound Boba And It Almost Ruined Us, But It Was So Worth It

    Holy balls that's a big bubble tea.

    This is Milk + T, a boba shop in Los Angeles, California. Not only does it make incredible bubble tea, it's women-run and offers eco-friendly options like glass boba jars at no cost!

    And this is Jasmine. She loves giant foods, and she especially LOVES boba.

    No seriously, she really really loves boba.

    Usually, Jasmine spends her time surprising her friends with giant versions of their favorite foods, and then challenging them to finish the entire thing.

    But in true holiday spirit, this year Jasmine decided to treat herself with the ultimate gift: GIANT BOBA.

    Jasmine enlisted Milk + T to help her create the biggest boba we've ever seen, with 16 ounces of just tapioca pearls, and a total weight of 9.5 pounds.

    It was even topped with a fat scoop of vanilla ice cream. Because why not?!

    After assembling this boba beast, Jasmine decided this gift was too good not to share, so she challenged her friend and fellow boba-lover Aria to see who could drink the most.

    So...could they complete the challenge?

    Watch the full video here to find out!

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    BTW....YOU can get this giant boba for yourself at Milk + T's LA store (Mon–Thurs) and Vegas store (every day) from 12/23/19 to 1/23/20. And if you use the code word "BuzzFeed Bring Me," you'll get 10% off any order!

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