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    9 "Emily In Paris" Outfits That Made Me Say "Oui" And 9 That Were A Hard "Non"

    Gossip Girl meets Hannah Montana.

    Hello there! Unless you've spent quarantine living under a rock (which, if you have, can I join you?), you've probably at least heard about the new Netflix show Emily in Paris. It follows a young American marketing executive as she navigates her new life in Paris. It's full of French stereotypes, cringe-worthy moments, and sexy men, but it also boasts some of the most ~interesting~ fashion moments of 2020.

    Emily wears a red paisley fedora and a black tank dress featuring a teal number 7 and flowers over a high necked, long sleeved sheer lace dress
    Netflix / Via

    Oh, Emily.

    Now, I consider myself pretty fashionable and a bit of a Francophile (not to be that person, but I studied abroad in Paris for four months — oh my god, I sound so douchey), so I sat down and binged the entire season in one day to see what the hype was about.

    Now, fashion is totally subjective, so don't @ me, but here are my most and least favorite outfits Emily wore throughout the show:

    1. Worst:

    Emily stands on a bridge in front of the Seine wearing a snake print mini skirt and long sleeved Paris-motifed button up left open
    Netflix / Via

    So, it's Emily's first day in Paris and she's ready to impress her new French coworkers, so she decides to throw on — *checks notes* — a button-up blouse with a print of the Parisian skyline. Yikes. If this outfit doesn't set the tone for the whole show, I don't know what would.

    2. Best:

    Emily sits on a park bench wearing a yellow and black patterned flowy maxi dress belted at the waist with black strappy heels

    This look isn't anything super special, but I guess compared to her first outfit it feels much more timeless, although a bit matchy-matchy. But hey, it's hard to go wrong with a flowy dress and heels, especially when you literally look like a model, am I right?

    3. Worst:

    Emily and Sylvie walk down a street; Emily is dressed in a matching black and white gingham blazer/short set with a red beret and black heels

    Emily claims that she always wanted to be Serena van der Woodsen, but if this outfit is any indication, she's more of a knockoff Blair. The suit on its own might be fine, but the red beret! In Paris!!! Not sure of any other surefire way to stick out (and not in a good way). Sylvie on the other hand? *French chef kiss*

    4. Best:

    Emily and a boulangerie owner pout for the camera; Emily is wearing a textured white crop top, jeans with a thin white belt, and a wide-brimmed hat with multi-colored stripes

    Okay, I'm actually obsessed with this hat! It turns heads the way a beret does, but for all the right reasons. It feels like Emily is combining her classic American look with something more European and I am so here for it. But can she keep it up?

    5. Worst:

    Emily gestures angrily while wearing an oversized red and cream cardigan and plaid shorts

    I'm not even really sure what this outfit is meant to be — private school chic? All I know is the oversized cardigan isn't working here. Soz, Em!

    6. Best:

    Emily and Camille walk out of a patisserie; Emily wears sneakers, black leggings, a pastel sweater, and a large pink coat

    J'adore! This is one of my favorite Emily outfits all season. Just hear me out: She looks like she wasn't trying insanely hard when she threw it on. The sneakers, simple sweater, and gorgeous coat feel effortlessly cool and oh-so-Parisian.

    7. Worst:

    Emily wears a pink bucket hat, purple collared shirt, white vest, black jacket, mini skirt, and purple calf-length boots

    I SWEAR someone wore this on Disney Channel circa 2005. Emily, how many layers are you wearing?! I know Paris in the fall can be cold, but this is not working. Let's just move on, please.

    8. Best:

    Emily stands on the steps of the operahouse in a black, off the shoulder midi dress with black heels and a diamond headband
    Netflix / Via

    Ignoring the fact that she basically dressed up like Black Swan to see Swan Lake, this off-the-shoulder number looks great on her. Paired with the unique sparkly headpiece, I'm very into it!

    9. Worst:

    Sylvie and Emily stand in the atelier; Emily is wearing white mid-calf boots, A white dress with Roman figures on it, a pink denim jacket with a black and white windbreaker on top, and a houndstooth beret
    Netflix / Via

    You know that ~fashion rule~ where you're supposed to take off one item before leaving the house? Emily, take note. The items separately are fun and funky, but all together it just feels like giving a 6-year-old free reign of your closet

    10. Best:

    Emily looks concerned as she wears a tight pink turtleneck with a whinestone Chanel logo at the chest and a floral brocade coat with a 3/4 sleeve

    This coat looks like a grandma's couch in the best possible way. And pairing it with this simple turtleneck in a modern color gives it the perfect juxtaposition of timeless and trendy.

    11. Worst:

    Emily wears a pink and white golf hat, a pink camo button up with the collar poking out over a pale pink plaid-like patterned coat

    Emily looooves experimenting with pattern mixing, and while sometimes it pays definitely did not here. Between the weird hat (why does it have the number 1 on it?), the pink houndstooth, and the coat that is clearly two sizes too big, this is just a no for me, dawg.

    12. Best:

    Emily holds a glass of champagne in a red, sparkly blazer with a red collar necklace at her throat

    Part sexy devil costume, part knockout club attire, 100% fun. TBH, maybe this outfit just reminded me why I love women, but I love a good structured blazer for evening wear and the peek of jewelry at her throat makes me think whatever she has on underneath is even more interesting (not a sex joke!!!).

    13. Worst:

    Emily sits at a desk wearing a plaid structured blazer over an extremely frilly white button up blouse

    Am I remembering wrong, or is this what Ron wore to the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire? But seriously, I know she's trying to hide a hickey, but this jacket/blouse combo just looks like she's a high school English professor who dressed up for a presentation on Hamlet.

    14. Best:

    Emily is turned to the side wearing a black and silver mini sheath dress, shite calf-length boots, and a clear plastic coat with multi-colored lines running through it

    Okay, yes, this look is a bit weird, but in the way that fashion should be weird! It's outfits like this that remind me that the mind behind Emily also created Carrie Bradshaw.

    15. Worst:

    Emily smiles in front of the Seine wearing a beige coat with images of shoes on it and a black and rhinestone collared necklace

    The shoe motif! The Peter Pan collar from 2009! I just can't!

    16. Best:

    Emily looks downwards while wearing a green plaid bucket hat, a black neckerchief with white flowers, and a green coat

    This look is a bit everywhere but it kind of??? actually??? works??? It's Emily "Bucket Hat" Cooper's signature style, but refined into something fashionable. It's creative and I'm very into that.

    17. Worst:

    Emily looks up from her phone, shook, wearing a red high necked dress, navy blazer with an oversized brooch on the lapel, and a navy beret with a red poof on the top

    Emily watched Gossip Girl in 2007 and her life (and closet) changed forever. This look attempts school boy chic again but with the added bonus of a brooch that looks like something a cult gives out to its members.

    18. Best:


    If I owned this coat, I'm not sure I would ever take it off, even to sleep. Days after watching the show, I don't remember what was underneath, but this look still stays in my head. Plus the chunky gold bangles over the coat? Genius.

    What did you think of Emily's fashion sense? Did I rank them right? Let us know in the comments below!!!