9 "Emily In Paris" Outfits That Made Me Say "Oui" And 9 That Were A Hard "Non"

    Gossip Girl meets Hannah Montana.

    Hello there! Unless you've spent quarantine living under a rock (which, if you have, can I join you?), you've probably at least heard about the new Netflix show Emily in Paris. It follows a young American marketing executive as she navigates her new life in Paris. It's full of French stereotypes, cringe-worthy moments, and sexy men, but it also boasts some of the most ~interesting~ fashion moments of 2020.

    Emily wears a red paisley fedora and a black tank dress featuring a teal number 7 and flowers over a high necked, long sleeved sheer lace dress

    Now, I consider myself pretty fashionable and a bit of a Francophile (not to be that person, but I studied abroad in Paris for four months — oh my god, I sound so douchey), so I sat down and binged the entire season in one day to see what the hype was about.

    Now, fashion is totally subjective, so don't @ me, but here are my most and least favorite outfits Emily wore throughout the show:

    1. Worst:

    Emily stands on a bridge in front of the Seine wearing a snake print mini skirt and long sleeved Paris-motifed button up left open

    2. Best:

    Emily sits on a park bench wearing a yellow and black patterned flowy maxi dress belted at the waist with black strappy heels

    3. Worst:

    Emily and Sylvie walk down a street; Emily is dressed in a matching black and white gingham blazer/short set with a red beret and black heels

    4. Best:

    Emily and a boulangerie owner pout for the camera; Emily is wearing a textured white crop top, jeans with a thin white belt, and a wide-brimmed hat with multi-colored stripes

    5. Worst:

    Emily gestures angrily while wearing an oversized red and cream cardigan and plaid shorts

    6. Best:

    Emily and Camille walk out of a patisserie; Emily wears sneakers, black leggings, a pastel sweater, and a large pink coat

    7. Worst:

    Emily wears a pink bucket hat, purple collared shirt, white vest, black jacket, mini skirt, and purple calf-length boots

    8. Best:

    Emily stands on the steps of the operahouse in a black, off the shoulder midi dress with black heels and a diamond headband

    9. Worst:

    Sylvie and Emily stand in the atelier; Emily is wearing white mid-calf boots, A white dress with Roman figures on it, a pink denim jacket with a black and white windbreaker on top, and a houndstooth beret

    10. Best:

    Emily looks concerned as she wears a tight pink turtleneck with a whinestone Chanel logo at the chest and a floral brocade coat with a 3/4 sleeve

    11. Worst:

    Emily wears a pink and white golf hat, a pink camo button up with the collar poking out over a pale pink plaid-like patterned coat

    12. Best:

    Emily holds a glass of champagne in a red, sparkly blazer with a red collar necklace at her throat

    13. Worst:

    Emily sits at a desk wearing a plaid structured blazer over an extremely frilly white button up blouse

    14. Best:

    Emily is turned to the side wearing a black and silver mini sheath dress, shite calf-length boots, and a clear plastic coat with multi-colored lines running through it

    15. Worst:

    Emily smiles in front of the Seine wearing a beige coat with images of shoes on it and a black and rhinestone collared necklace

    16. Best:

    Emily looks downwards while wearing a green plaid bucket hat, a black neckerchief with white flowers, and a green coat

    17. Worst:

    Emily looks up from her phone, shook, wearing a red high necked dress, navy blazer with an oversized brooch on the lapel, and a navy beret with a red poof on the top

    18. Best:

    What did you think of Emily's fashion sense? Did I rank them right? Let us know in the comments below!!!