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    18 Ways To Re-Create The Magic Of A Disney Park At Home (No Pixie Dust Required)

    Turn your home into the happiest place on Earth.

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    Ryan Pattie

    Since Disney parks closed in March, re-creating those magical experiences at home in quarantine has become a bit of a trend, regardless of age (we're all kids at heart, right?).

    But recently, Disney parks around the world have begun to reopen with new safety precautions, like required masks and temperature checks, in place.

    Three people pose for a selfie wearing face masks and ears in front of the Disneyland castle in Tokyo.
    Str / Getty Images

    However, some of us don't live near a park, or maybe don't feel comfortable visiting one in the middle of a pandemic. So, here are a few safe, fun, and affordable ways to bring a little Disney park magic to YOU!

    Set The ~Mood~
    Ryan Pattie

    1. First things first — create a magical ambiance by playing some park tunes.

    Characters from Alice in Wonderland dance down Disneyland Main Street.
    Robyn Beck / Getty Images

    The sounds of Disneyland are almost as iconic as the food, whether it's the jaunty music as you walk down Main Street or the spooky sounds of the Blue Bayou. This video pretty much has them all, so just hit play and let the music take you away!

    2. Light a Disney-scented candle (or two...or three).

    3. Dress up as your favorite Disney character — without going shopping.

    A woman poses and smiles upwards, dressed in an outfit inspired by Ariel, the Little Mermaid, whose image appears in the bottom right corner
    Cydney Lawson / Via

    "Disneybounding" is dressing in the theme of a Disney character without actually wearing a costume. Instead, your outfit is made up of clothes from your closet that capture the spirit of your fave character. The best part? It doesn't cost you a cent.

    Food and Drink
    Ryan Pattie

    4. Make your very own Dole Whip!

    5. Fry up some classic churros.

    6. Don't forget the pickles!

    7. Try the Grey Stuff — trust us, it's delicious.

    8. Or, for an easy option, pick up some Mickey Mouse ice cream bars.

    box of mickey mouse–shaped ice creams covered in chocolate
    Target / Via

    Cooking not your thing? Don't fret — you can buy the park's signature chocolate-coated ice cream to get that melty, sticky Disney park experience.

    Still hungry? Check out 17 Disney Park Recipes For People Stuck At Home Right Now.

    Ryan Pattie

    9. "Ride" your favorite rides.

    Virtual Disney World / Via

    The YouTube channel Virtual Disney World has tons of POV footage of various attractions from around the world, so all you have to do is sit back and let your imagination take you away. Haunted Mansion, here we come!

    10. Make some custom Mickey (or Minnie) ears.

    11. Transform your old maps into a set of unique coasters.

    Hands place a cut piece of a Disney map onto a coaster.
    Disney / Via

    Got some old Disney park maps lying around? Turn them into a little piece of nostalgia for your home! They'll make perfect coasters for your next dinner party (post-pandemic, of course).

    12. Get creative with a Disney parks coloring book.

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Not only can coloring be a stress-relieving activity, applying your creativity to these adorable Disney Parks posters will also bring you closer to the rides you miss.

    13. Learn how to build your own Disney ride (virtually) with Imagineering In A Box.

    14. Or, kick it up a notch and re-create your fave rides at home.

    With @DisneyParks being closed. Looks like I’ll just have to recreate them myself. First stop: Magic Kingdom #homemadedisney

    Okay so this one takes a bit of creativity, but with some craft supplies, music, lighting, and imagination you can totally re-create some of your favorite Disney rides at home. Build your own version of Pirates of the Caribbean, It's A Small World, or even Space Mountain — no Fast Pass required.

    15. Test your Disney parks knowledge with a trivia quiz.


    Whether you've been to a park once or 100 times, this Disney Parks trivia quiz could stump you. But what better way to feel more connected to Disney than by learning everything about it?

    16. Draw your favorite characters with the Animation Academy.

    17. Stock up on Disney souvenirs (from your couch).

    A denim jacket embellished with an old-fashioned Mickey Mouse waving and the words "Walt Disney" in swooping, white thread above "Animation Studios" in smaller, red thread.
    ShopDisney / Via

    It's like having all the shops on Main Street at the tip of your fingers...literally. With just a click of your mouse (computer, not Mickey!), shop tons of cute Disney-themed clothes, accessories, kitchenware, and more.

    18. Binge your favorite movies on Disney+.

    Disney / Via

    Binging the Toy Story movies or putting on The Little Mermaid might not be exactly the same as taking a spin on Toy Story Mania or Ariel's Undersea Adventure, but it's pretty close. Turn it into a sing-along and you've got yourself one hell of a Disney party.

    Looking for more Disney activities? Check out 36 DIYs That Will Get The Whole Family Psyched For A Disney Vacation.

    How are you spreading the Disney magic at home during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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