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Tell Us What Food You Ate As A Kid That You Still Crave As An Adult

Just like mom used to make!

Remember that feeling of coming home from school as a kid and digging into your favorite, comforting food? We're still chasing that same high 20 years later because, let's be real, the foods from your childhood just hit different.

So we want to know — what food did you eat growing up that still gives you the warm fuzzies to this day?

Maybe it was Mom's home-cooked Tahdig that just never comes out quite right when you try to recreate it.

A perfectly smooth mound of rice, browned on the top, on a floral plate which sits on a patterned tablecloth

Or perhaps you never went a day without snacking on a Lunchables while watching afternoon cartoons.

A close up of a Lunchables with crackers, cheese, and ham circles

Or maybe you were a lil' chef and invented the ~yummiest~ concoctions that had all your friends jealous of your culinary skills.

We need to know! So, what childhood food from your culture or country do you still long to eat? Let us know your culture and the dish or snack in the comments below and your answer might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!