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A Guide To Los Angeles's Black-Owned Restaurants

Ordering takeout has never meant more.

As the world turns its eyes toward the Black Lives Matter protests, many are looking for ways to help by supporting local Black-owned businesses. Luckily, LA resident Kat Hong has created a live list of Black-owned LA restaurants you can support. Here are just a few of the delicious spots on the list that are still open for takeout and delivery.

A couple of things to note:

β€” Many food delivery services take hefty commissions; try to avoid them by ordering directly from the restaurant whenever possible.

β€” Be mindful of the citywide curfews currently imposed in LA and get your dinner order in early for the safety of yourself and delivery drivers.

β€” Check out these tips for ordering delivery while protecting yourself and others during the pandemic.

1. Chicken N Chips β€” Atwater Village

2. Hotville Chicken β€” Baldwin Hills

3. Lou, The French On The Block β€” Burbank

4. Sr. Cliff's Burritos β€” Compton

5. Mel's Fish Shack β€” Crenshaw

6. Who's Hungry Caribbean & Catering β€” Crenshaw

7. Honey's Kettle β€” Culver City

8. Janga by Derrick's β€” Culver City

9. JR's BBQ β€” Culver City

10. Comfort LA β€” DTLA

11. Poppy + Rose β€” DTLA

12. VanillaBlack Coffee β€” Echo Park

13. Bludso's β€” Fairfax

14. Bloom & Plume Coffee β€” Filipinotown

15. Harold's Chicken β€” Hollywood

16. Mama's Chicken and Market β€” Hyde Park

17. Bayou Grille β€” Inglewood

18. The Serving Spoon β€” Inglewood

19. Ms. B's M&M Soul Food β€” Inglewood

20. Messob Ethiopian Restaurant β€” Little Ethiopia

21. Tacos Negros β€” Mid Wilshire

22. My Two Cents β€” Mid Wilshire

23. The Memphis Grill β€” North Hollywood

24. Black Bottom Southern Kitchen β€” North Hollywood

25. Compton Vegan β€” Sawtelle

26. Say Cheese β€” Silver Lake

27. Hawkins House of Burgers β€” Watts

28. Orleans & York Deli β€” Multiple Locations

29. Lettuce Feast β€” Multiple Locations

30. Happy Ice β€” Multiple Locations

If you're looking for other ways to support the Black community, donate to these groups that support protesters and Black lives.

Do you have a favorite Black-owned restaurant in LA that is missing from this list? Let us know in the comments!