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    Here Are 17 Audiobooks That Will Make Your Next Road Trip More Fun

    Because the radio just doesn't cut it.

    Summer road trips have never felt as enticing as they do this year, after being cooped up inside for so long. And whether you're headed to a remote national park, across the country, or just exploring your own state, no road trip is complete without something to listen to.

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    And let's be real: Listening to the same five songs on the radio for eight hours just isn't good enough.

    So we teamed up with our friends at to round up some of the best audiobooks to listen to on a long road trip, recommended by their indie booksellers and our team here at BuzzFeed Books!

    Safe travels and happy reading!

    1. All The Lonely People by Mike Gayle

    Grand Central Publishing

    Length: 12 hours, 20 minutes

    Narrated by: Ben Onwukwe

    What it's about:¬†On phone calls to his daughter in Australia, widower Hubert Bird paints a life in retirement full of fun and friends. But the truth is Hubert spends all day, every day, alone. So when he gets good news that forces him out of his isolation, he has to scramble to make his real life look like his fake one. Along the way, he'll find a second chance at love, rekindle an old friendship, make some new ones, and discover a community that might just keep his loneliness at bay for good. This feel-good read will tug at your heartstrings and remind you ‚ÄĒ as you travel through new (or old!) places ‚ÄĒ that we're all on our own journey, together.¬†

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    2. Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano

    Minotaur Books

    Length: 9 hours 59 minutes

    Narrated by: Angela Dawe

    What it's about: With a missed deadline, two wild kids, and an ex-husband who just fired the nanny without telling her, Finlay Donovan is most certainly not killing it. So when she's overheard hashing out the plot of her new suspense novel and mistaken for a contract killer, she kind-of-maybe-accidentally accepts an offer to "dispose" of a problem husband in order to make ends meet. But Finlay quickly realizes that writing crime and doing crime are very different things. Witty, messy, fast-paced, and all-around fun, this comedy-thriller will have you forgoing bathroom breaks just to keep listening. 

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    3. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

    Del Rey

    Length: 10 hours, 39 minutes

    Narrated by: Frankie Corzo

    What it's about: Set in 1950s Mexico, chic debutante Noem√≠ sheds her glamorous life for "High Place," an inhospitable home in the countryside where her newly married cousin ‚ÄĒ who claims to need "rescuing" ‚ÄĒ resides. But Noem√≠ isn't afraid of the house, even when it begins to invade her dreams, and the promise of dark secrets practically oozes from the walls. Noem√≠ is determined to discover the house's history before it threatens to shut them inside forever. This atmospheric thriller will suck you right in ‚ÄĒ you might even find yourself missing exits as you hold your breath in suspense at the end.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    4. Rabbits by Terry Miles

    Del Rey

    Length: 14 hours 5 minutes

    Narrated by: Christine Lakin

    What it's about: Based on a podcast of the same name, this mind-bending technothriller might feel a little too¬†real ‚ÄĒ maybe make sure you've got a road trip buddy on hand. Rabbits is an alternate reality game that uses the world as its board. Since its inception in 1959, only nine winners have been declared, and more than that have died trying to beat the game. Just before a new round is set to begin, K (a Rabbits obsessive) is approached by billionaire (and alleged former winner) Alan Scarpio with a task: Something has gone wrong with the game, and K needs to fix it before it begins. But then Scarpio goes missing, K misses the deadline, and a new game begins...with the fate of the universe at stake.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    5. Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert


    Length: 10 hours 51 minutes

    Narrated by: Ione Butler

    What it's about: Eve Brown is a hot mess. I mean, she just ruined an expensive wedding because she thought some doves needed freeing. So when her parents demand she "act her age," she applies for a job as a chef at a B&B. Jacob Wayne (said B&B owner) values order and control. So he takes one look at Eve's purple hair and general ~kookiness~ and says, "Hell no." But then Eve accidentally hits him with her car, and, with a broken arm and an understaffed B&B, he reluctantly lets her into his life. He should hate Eve, and she should hate him, but they both find that the more time they spend together, the more heat grows between them. Funny, flirty, and definitely sexy, this romance will have you swooning the whole drive. 

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    6. One Two Three by Laurie Frankel

    Henry Holt and Co

    Length: 14 hours 58 minutes

    Narrated by: Emma Galvin, Jesse Vilinsky, and Rebecca Soler

    What it's about: In small-town Bourne, everyone knows everyone, and everyone loves the Mitchell triplets. There's genius Mirabel, who can't speak but will always outwit you; Monday, who is the town's de facto bookseller now that the library closed; and Mab, who just wants to get good grades so she can get the hell out of Bourne. The sisters grew up watching their mother fight for justice after a chemical plant polluted the town (and its people), and, after some new residents move in, they realize there is more to the past than they ever knew. Hilarious one moment, tear-jerking the next, this heartfelt book is a perfect listen for anyone passing through small towns with a unique story.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    7. Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

    Crown Books for Young Readers

    Length: 3 hours 56 minutes

    Narrated by: Dion Graham

    What it's about: What better story to listen to on a road trip than a story about a road trip? When 11-year-old William "Scoob" Lamar's spring break trip gets cancelled, he finds himself instead setting off on an unconventional road trip with his equally unconventional grandma. Their guide? The Green Book, his grandma's trusted companion that holds not just the way home, but important history and memories. As they journey through the South, Scoob learns more about things that aren't quite what they seem, including his grandma. A middle-grade story that's as fun as it is educational, this is a must-listen for short road trips, especially if you're driving through the same areas as Scoob and his grandma.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    8. Shit, Actually: The Definitive, 100% Objective Guide to Modern Cinema by Lindy West

    Hachette Books

    Length: 7 hours 16 minutes

    Narrated by: Lindy West

    What it's about: In what feels like a sidesplitting ‚ÄĒ albeit one-sided ‚ÄĒ conversation with a friend, Lindy West shines new light on beloved movies from the last 40 years. She asks insightful questions like, "Is Twilight the horniest movie ever?" and "Why do the zebras in The Lion King trust a *lion*¬†to rule over them?" Between the humor lies a thread of playful criticism, as Lindy explores how cultural shifts change the way we view pieces of pop culture; whether they hold up both to our own scrutiny and to our loving nostalgia. You'll definitely find yourself wiping away tears of laughter and with a list of movies to rewatch when you get home.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    9. Sadie by Courtney Summers

    Wednesday Books

    Length: 7 hours 57 minutes

    Narrated by: Dan Bittner, Fred Berman, Gabra Zackman, and Rebecca Soler

    What it's about: Sadie's life hasn't always been easy, but she's worked hard to try and give her little sister, Mattie ‚ÄĒ who she's raising on her own ‚ÄĒ a somewhat normal life. But when Mattie is found dead and the police botch the investigation, Sadie is determined to solve the case herself. Enter West McCray, a radio personality covering small towns in America, who overhears Sadie's story and also becomes obsessed with figuring out what happened to Mattie...before it happens to someone else. This gripping YA mystery alternates between podcast format and Sadie's narration, so it makes the perfect¬†audiobook. You'll be hooked until the very end.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    10. The Bad Muslim Discount by Syed M. Masood

    Doubleday Books

    Length: 12 hours 23 minutes

    Narrated by: Pej Vahdat and Hend Ayoub

    What it's about: In 1995, rebellious Anvar's family decides (not quite unanimously) to immigrate to California as fundamentalists in Pakistan grow stronger and bolder. There, his devout mother and brother fit in easily amidst the local Desi community, but Anvar finds himself wanting more. Meanwhile in Baghdad, a young girl named Safwa and her conservative father suffer amidst war, and her path to America looks very different than Anvar's. And yet, their paths inevitably cross as these two opposites' lives intertwine and shake up their community in this witty and provocative novel about family, religion, and modern America. With two distinct narrators, you'll have no trouble falling in love with Anvar, Safwa, and their story.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    11. Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

    Flatiron Books

    Length: 16 hours 21 minutes

    Narrated by: Lauren Fortgang and Michael David Axtell

    What it's about: Galaxy "Alex" Stern has been given a second chance; after dropping out of school, falling into the world of drug dealers, and finding herself the lone survivor of an unsolved mass murder, she's offered a full ride to Yale. But Alex isn't stupid ‚ÄĒ she knows there's a catch. So when she arrives in New Haven, she's tasked with keeping an eye on Yale's eight different secret societies. These are the haunts of future politicians, Hollywood elite, and power players of the world. But Alex soon realizes that their occult activities might be more sinister ‚ÄĒ and real ‚ÄĒ than she thought. Atmospheric, spooky, and with a dash of mystery, this is especially perfect for a drive across the historic East Coast.¬†

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    12. The Final Revival of Opal & Nev By Dawnie Walton

    37 Ink

    Length: 13 hours 16 minutes

    Narrated by: Janina Edwards, Bahni Turpin, James Langton, André De Shields, Dennis Boutsikaris, Steve West, Gabra Zackman, and more

    What it's about: Opal refuses to settle for a typical 9-to-5 life; in the age of '70s rock and roll, she's determined to be a star, even if her bold Afro-punk style makes her stand out. So when an aspiring British singer-songwriter by the name of Neville suggests they form a duo, she takes the chance. But when their label signs a rival band that has no problem waving a Confederate flag around, Opal's open protest sparks deadly consequences. Decades later in 2016, Opal is considering a reunion tour with Nev, but a journalist's digging into the duo's past might just expose some dark skeletons. This riveting story unfolds in interview style, making the audiobook format the perfect medium to read it in; you'll feel like you're listening to a documentary, not a piece of fiction.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    13. Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo


    Length: 5 hours 32 minutes

    Narrated by: Elizabeth Acevedo and Melania Luisa Marte

    What it's about: A YA novel-in-verse that poetically tells a story of grief, family, and forgiveness. Carmen Rios always waits excitedly for the days her father comes to visit her in the Dominican Republic, until one day she arrives at the airport to find tragedy has struck. The same day, Yahaira Rios is called out of her NYC classroom to learn that her father and hero has died in a tragic plane crash. Separated by 1,500 miles and their father's secrets, Yahaira and Carmen will have to reimagine a life without their father and, upon learning of each other, life with a new sister. A beautiful story partially narrated by the author, you'll want to have a box of tissues in the glove compartment ‚ÄĒ just in case.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    14. Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson

    Riverhead Books

    Length: 3 hours 52 minutes

    Narrated by: Jacqueline Woodson, Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Peter Francis James, Shayna Small, and Bahni Turpin

    What it's about: In a story that bends and alternates timelines, Woodson and cast narrate a powerful story about family and community. In 2001, 16-year-old Melody attends her coming out party in a handmade custom dress that was originally created 16 years prior for her mother's own party ‚ÄĒ a party that never happened. As the events surrounding Melody's parents and grandparents unfold, we learn about their ambitions, fears, and identities all in the context of gentrification, race, and class. A poignant tale of the decisions young people are often forced to make (and then live with), you'll be thinking of this story long after the voices fade away.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    15. Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

    Saga Press

    Length: 12 hours 46 minutes

    Narrated by: Cara Gee, Nicole Lewis, Kaipo Schwab, and Shaun Taylor-Corbett

    What it's about: The first in a fantasy trilogy, this novel will transport you to a new world inspired by Pre-Columbian civilizations and filled with political drama and magic. This year the winter solstice and a solar eclipse fall upon the same date ‚ÄĒ¬† an event that will supposedly bring an unbalancing of the world, according to the Sun Priest of the holy city of Tova. Aboard a ship set to arrive on that fateful day is the captain Xiala, disgraced but with an immense power, and a sole passenger: a young man, blind, scarred, and harmless. But Xiala knows the harmless men usually end up the most dangerous.¬†

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    16. Somebody's Daughter by Ashley C. Ford

    Flatiron Books: An Oprah Book

    Length: 8 hours 44 minutes

    Narrated by: Ashley C. Ford

    What it's about: Ashley has always had a special bond with her father; they're both sensitive, probably afraid of the dark, and budding artists. In Ashley's mind, they will one day be reunited, and her life will feel complete. Except her father is in prison, and she has no idea what he did to end up there. Ashley recaps a childhood of poverty, puberty, and a complicated relationship with her mother that leads to another fraught relationship with a boyfriend. When he assaults her, Ashley keeps the secret from her family, but also discovers the reason her father is in jail, sending her world spinning. This is a powerful memoir made even stronger by the author's own narration. 

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    17. One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

    St. Martin's Griffin

    Length: 12 hours 10 minutes

    Narrated by: Natalie Naudus

    What it's about: Cynical August doesn't believe in psychics or ghosts or true love, and she definitely doesn't believe that her new roommates or her new life in New York is going to change that. But then she meets Jane on the subway ‚ÄĒ punk-rock Jane who acts much sweeter than she looks. And as August falls for her new commute buddy, she also learns Jane's big secret: She's actually from the 1970s and stuck in a time loop. Suddenly, August has a lot to believe in. Desperate to save Jane and help her get back to her own time, August and her roommates devise a plan. But what if August doesn't really want Jane to leave? This fun sci-fi-meets-sexy-romance will have you feeling like you've been dropped in Brooklyn, even from the comfort of your own car.

    Get it from or your local bookstore via Indiebound.

    What audiobook is your go-to for a road trip? Let us know in the comments!