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Updated on Jul 31, 2020. Posted on Jul 27, 2020

Wanna Know Which Disney Princess You Are In Your Soul? Just Build A Castle To Find Out

BRB fantasizing about living in my own castle.

First, where will your castle be located?
Next, choose an entrance
Choose an entryway
How about a grand staircase?
Pick a ballroom
How about a library?
Next up, pick a pool
What will the master bedroom look like?
  • A bedroom with a large bed with a plush headboard in the middle of the room, two nightstands on either side of the bed, and a large bay window off to the side with pillows on top of it
    Getty Images
  • A bedroom with a large bed in the center, floor-to-ceiling windows and a desk with an office chair near the window
    Getty Images
  • A bedroom with a wood floor and wooden cabinets all around the room, and a chandelier hanging above a plush bed with several throw pillows
    Getty Images
  • A royal-looking bedroom with marble floors and fuzzy carpet underneath a large bed with a plush headboard, with a window that overlooks a balcony to the side and a chandelier overhead
    Getty Images
Select an ensuite bathroom
  • A bathroom with tile floors, a counter on the left, a large shower to the right, and a door at the end leading to a balcony
    Getty Images
  • A modern bathroom with a bath tub and shower overlooking a window
    Getty Images
  • A dark bathroom with dark wood paneling, a tub in the middle of the room, and a large window to the left
    Getty Images
  • A bright, large bathroom with counters with a sink on either side and a large bathroom towards the end of the room
    Getty Images
What does the kitchen look like?
And the garden?
Finally, choose something extra
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