• KirA3005

      I grew up when driving a ‘94 ACURA Integra was THE car to have (or a Honda Accord - this is after mini-trucks died out). Lower the car (thereby voiding the warranty because most just chopped the springs to save money), put rims on it with low-profile tires, a system (woofer, tweeters, mids/6x9s), a 6, 10, or 12 disc CD changer in the glove or trunk, a pullout deck (or one where the face came off), tinted windows (professionally done so they would not bubble) exhaust to make it annoyingly loud for someone who is now my age, racing pedals, racing interior, cool knob on the gearshift… AND I grew up in the East Bay to boot. This was long before The Fast and the Furious. No, I am not “Asian” but lived in a city where a large amount accounted for the census and it was an upper class area with those who were deeply rooted in both Asian AND Asian American heritage and culture (and the majority were close friends - still are to this day). I am focusing on THE CAR because I was a teen at the time/left for college, so I was old enough to hit the cruise every weekend, car shows (Hot August Nights), buy the magazines (even as a female), etc. I NEVER heard of or remember seeing ANYONE doing what has been described, to his or her Integra. My best guess as to why is because just as Lexus is merely an expensive Toyota, Infinite is simply an expensive Nissan-make… Acura is the higher end Honda. Therefore, why would you “downgrade” your car by placing a Honda emblem on it? By the way, I owned a 1994 Acura Integra GSR and a 1995 Honda Accord the years they were new (4-door Accord - the coupes were considered hella wack). Those that could afford an Acura Integra drove one. Those who could afford Honda’s… they drove Civics. So I am not speaking as someone guessing, I am not speaking as someone who was too young or too old to know what was hip at the time, or was not around Asians. Your take is the equivalent of someone my age reading about history and then telling people (with authority) that were teens/fans of The Beatles at the height of their invasion, “how it really was.” If I am older than the writer(s) then that is the only explanation I can give. My Asian friends moved directly from the cities mentioned, I am from the heart of the Bay… and we were all into the scene.

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