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ASB Personality Quiz

A fun quiz where you can see which ASB squad member you are!!

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  1. What are you usually doing on a school night?

    Complaining about how much homework you have to do but not doing it.
    Making bank at the eye doctor
    Running super speedy fast
    Just chilling with your puppies
    Watching West Wing
    Watching Netflix until 10 and then starting your homework
    Trying to nap, soccer, and do five hours of homework
  2. Who is your dream guy?

    Dwight Schrute
    Joe Powell
    Carter Womack
    Harry Styles
    Armeen Kazemi
    Micheal Scott
    Junior Class
    Zion Price
  3. What's Your favorite restaurant?

    Noodles and Company
    Dominoes pizza that tastes like a peice of cardboard
  4. What's the sketchiest thing you've ever done?

    Saran-wrapped someone's car and got caught
    I have never done anything sketchy
    Ding-dong ditched someone in 5th grade
    Snuck out
    Downloaded an illegal movie online
    Kissed and ditched
    Disobeyed your mother
    Cannot be named
  5. What's your favorite sport?

    Ultimate Frisbee
    I don't play a sport
  6. What is your best characteristic?

    Being the bestest friend to people who treat you like shit
    Can make anyone laugh
    The fact that you don't care about anything
    Very obedient
    Supportive girlfriend
    Sweet as pie
    You can be crazy around anyone
    Your self confidence
  7. What's you biggest pet peeve?

    Lou the new trainer
    People who breathe really loud
    When you have a cold and you can't breathe through you nose so you have to breathe through your mouth
    Tall people
    People who think they know what you're thinking
    When people purposely act dumb to get attention
    People who aren't spanish who try to have a spanish accent
    People who think they know everything
    People who suck up to teachers
  8. What are you afraid of?

    Getting recruited to run track in college
    Not getting into Alabama
    Getting hit in the head with a frisbee
    Blood/Anything medical related
    Spanish 4 Honors
    Hitting a parked car
  9. Choose one word that describes yourself


ASB Personality Quiz

You got: Vanessa Adkins

Loveable hoe who only wants to have a good time. You are very smart and pretty but constantly doubt yourself. Just wants a mans who will love you and bring you food. Is sketchy af but an overall good gal.

Vanessa Adkins
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You got: Natalie Adkins

You absolutely hate children and think they are gross. You do the stupidest things because they make everyone laugh and aren't afraid to be yourself. You're a lil bit of a sly dog, but in the end you don't need anyone but yourself, your bffs and your food (preferably Black Forest fruit snacks) to make you happy.

Natalie Adkins
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You got: Catherine Berry

You prolly run at least 5 miles a day and can eat a 5 pound hamburger in under 10 mins. You are obsessed with your dog, Harry Potter and The Office, but mostly your dog. Most likely you will go to OSU and play soccer with Julilanne. Also Karen will be your goalie

Catherine Berry
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You got: Margot King

You're a lil overdramatic and tend to blow things out of proportion but it's only because you care so much. Your dog is probably your best friend and you drink too much coffee. You spend your Friday nights putting too much make makeup on and not going anywhere. You're a fun loving girly who wants to party it up.

Margot King
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You got: Mackenzie Berryman

You are a crazy gal who actaully likes to run(why??). Can get a lil wild if you drink too many fruit pouches. You can basically turn any picture that you take into a meme and your twitter likes are prolly the best in the whole wide world. All around you are a swell chick who can make anything fun.

Mackenzie Berryman
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You got: Julia Shutrump

You are too nice for your own good, and an all around four square baller. You drive a stick shift and there's a 73% chance your car could stall at any moment, but you drive it with swag so it doesn't matter. You are known to give high fives to boys who ask you out and for adding some fun additions for any classic game night.

Julia Shutrump
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You got: Allison Winterhalter

You are a super smart gal who will probably get a 36 on the ACT and become a super hero/model when you grow up. You are the only one in the squad who has a bf but who cares because your girlys will always be the most important. Your house is pretty much always has food in it and is a good house for a game of capture the flag. Overall just a tiny gal packed full of fun!!

Allison Winterhalter
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You got: Ellie King

You are a super smart gal who is 55% human and 45% robot. Don't really understand human emotions besides the part where you have a fun time. You are "lactose intolerant" but still eat ice cream?? Then you procede to complain about how much your stomach hurts. You're the goofiest member of the squad and don't care if you look like a fool.

Ellie King
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