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13 Foods Hawaii Does Better That We Can All Learn From

Loco Moco is as much fun to say as it is to eat. With so much influence from other cultures, there's a lot to love about Hawaiian food. Discover your new favorite dish during Hawaiian Foods Week.

You know Hawaii is really, really ridiculously good-looking. But did you know it has some of the most delicious and unique foods as well?

With influences from Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Portuguese immigrants (and many more), there's a delicious blend of flavors that makes Hawaiian food unlike anything else.

1. Shave Ice

2. Spam Musubi

3. Loco Moco

4. Manapua

5. Malasadas

6. Coffee

7. Ensaymada

8. Poke

9. Sweet Bread

10. Butter Mochi

11. Macadamia Nuts

12. Huli Huli Chicken

13. Saimin

There is so much rich history in every bite of Hawaiian cuisine. Find your favorite taste of Aloha during Hawaiian Foods Week.

Illustrations by Danielle Ceneta for BuzzFeed