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13 Totally Scientific Reasons To Eat More Barbecue

Use it or lose it. Well, not really, but why risk losing the flavors Kingsford Charcoal can bring out of everything you put over it?

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1. Starting a fire is an elemental expression of human might.

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2. And as its dying gasps cook your dinner, you can laugh like a mad scientist.

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3. Turning animals into a supernova of meat candy goodness.

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4. The meats soak in smoke's flavor through osmosis.

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5. It lets ocean-bred flavors evolve into something completely new on land.


6. It really gives your fish legs.

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7. Barbecuing is the mitosis that turns rib slabs into meat lollipops.

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8. Roasting potatoes in coals turns your grills into two parallel universes of grillin' (in the embers and on the grate).

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9. Grilling chicken's pretty much guaranteed to turn you into any barbecue's star.

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10. Especially beer-can chicken, a conductor guiding any occasion.

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11. Kebab string theory is as fruitful as it is plain-old delicious.

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12. The perfect chemistry, every single time.

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13. This — this is the stuff that matters.

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So gather your friends around something atomically good this summer.

For recipes and even more scientific reasons to get grilling, try

For recipes and even more scientific reasons to get grilling, try