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    Top 10 Reasons King's Is The Place To Be

    King's University College, London, Ontario can be your place, too.

    10. King's is located next to the Thames River

    If you ever need a great break from studying, taking a walk alongside the river is a great stress reliever!

    9. King's has smaller class sizes

    King’s students enjoy small classes led by outstanding faculty on a small, beautiful campus while enjoying the experiences of being part of a comprehensive university.

    8. King's is home to 499 International Students

    King's International Office offers many programs for incoming students. King’s International Bridging Program is an orientation program for exchange and international degree students who are new to King’s. We want to ensure that all students feel that King's is their home.

    7. King's also has many Experiential Learning Opportunities for current students

    King’s has exchange agreements with over 50 universities in 25 countries. Through King’s University College partnerships, students have studied in China, Japan, UK, France, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Australia and other countries.

    6. King's installed the first Homeless Jesus sculpture in London

    This statue, a representation of Christ, is all about solidarity with the most marginalized in our society. It’s a profound symbol of the school’s mission to make a difference in the world. The sculptor, Timothy Schmalz of St. Jacobs, Ontario, named his creation Jesus the Homeless.

    5. King's acknowledges the history of the traditional territory in which our institution operates.

    * The Anishinaabe Peoples (also referred to as the Three Fires Confederacy including; Ojibwe, Odawa, and Pottawatami Nations);

    * The Haudenosaunee Peoples (also known as the Iroquoian people or Six Nations including Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscorora);

    * The Leni-Lunaape Peoples (also referred to as the Delaware and/or Munsee).

    We have partnered with Western University in providing many community initiatives and programs throughout the year.

    4. King's University College Students' Council plans great events throughout the year

    The KUCSC is comprised of elected Representatives and appointed Commissioners who are dedicated to improving the student experience by planning events, advocating for students, as well as by connecting students to the resources and services on campus and in London.

    3. King's students enjoy "The Best of Both Worlds"

    King’s students have complete access to all the facilities and services at Western University and graduate with a Western degree.

    2. King's offers an incredible student experience

    Stephen Grimes

    King’s and Western offer more than 175 clubs which cover the spectrum of academic associations, interest groups, cultural clubs and political and social organizations.

    1. As a Catholic university, King’s emphasizes the value of each individual and the importance of social justice.

    Stephen Grimes

    Students from all faiths and backgrounds are most welcome. Respect for the human person is behind our commitment to diversity, accessibility, social justice and to building the common good. An inclusive, supportive community is one of King's greatest strengths.

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