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Top 10 Places To Have Lunch On Campus

Discover some of the best lunch spots at King's University College. Some are hidden gems and some are popular hangouts.

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2. Games Room

On the second floor of the King Student Life Centre is the game room which features low benches along the glass wall. Have lunch while cheering on your friends in a game of pool, foosball or pong-pong then join in the game!

3. The Gazebo

Located behind Wemple Hall, this lunch spot is completely covered by a wooden roof. It features a large table in the middle with wooden benches around the sides. Even on sunny days you'll still be able to see your screen.

4. Andy & Helen Spriet Learning Commons

Also known as "the pit," this space features a teaBot machine, comfortable group seating and is steps from the cafe. A microwave is nearby if you've packed your lunch.

6. Garron Family Learning Lounge

The Garron Lounge in the heart of the King Student Life Centre is filled with tables, sofas and couches. It's conveniently close to washrooms, microwave, the library and a new cafe that sells a variety of breakfast and lunch items.

8. The library

The main floor of the Cardinal Carter library has plenty of tables as well as several reading lounges equipped with comfortable chairs. The main floor is a conversation-friendly zone which makes it a great place to collaborate or catch up during lunch.

9. Labatt Hall Picnic Area

Adjacent to Labatt Hall are several picnic tables and benches. This green space is steps from the main path on campus and is a convenient place to stop for a bite to eat between classes.

10. Thames Market

Stephen Grimes

This is by far the most popular place to have lunch on campus. The Thames Market sells a wide range of food options including Unami Noodle, Grille Works, La Cucina, Pizza Pizza, Subway, Ah-So-Sushi and more! If you've brought your lunch, a microwave is located here. There's also comfy lounge chairs by a fireplace.

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