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    5 Clubs To Join At King's University College

    Joining a club is good for your mental health! It's a great way to meet people. Plus you can add your involvement to your co-curricular record! Here's a list of 5 clubs at King's.

    1. King's Gaming Club

    Want to meet new people? Do you love games - both tabletop and virtual? Well the King's Gaming Club is the club you're looking for! We strive to keep a fun, social environment which students join to relax and play games! Come on and join the fun!

    2. King's French Conversation Club

    Stephen Grimes

    Are you headed to Paris? How about Montreal? Brush up on your French conversation skills in a stress-free environment while making new friends. The club is open to anyone no matter how much (or little) French you can speak. C'est bon.

    3. King's Ping Pong Club

    Gather to play Ping Pong in the beautiful Games Room in the Student Life Centre. This club meets every other Sunday to teach ping pong skills, participate in games and most of all have fun.

    4. King's Campus Cursive Club

    The Kings Campus Cursive Chapter is a branch of an international organization called More Love Letters. The main mission of the club is to spread love and encouragement through the tangible act of letter writing. The club writes anonymous love letters to be hidden around campus and throughout the wider community for people to find, or writing love letter bundles to specific individuals who have been nominated and are in need of some love and support.Grab your favourite inky pen and join in the fun!

    5. Best Buddies at King's

    Make a meaningful impact in the life of someone with an intellectual or developmental disability. You will be matched with a community member that has similar interests as you. Spend time together twice a month and enjoy everyday experiences such as going for coffee, to a movie etc. Extend friendship to someone who is waiting for a friend like you. To see a list of the 20+ clubs at King's University College visit:

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