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    • kingm2

      After numerous excuses and debates, this fiasco has only two major issues. Firstly, the promises made by the UEFA head and secondly, working conditions of the workers. The situation now is a mess. Taking away Qatar’s right abruptly will make the situation even worse.  Should there be no cheating before the bid, moving to winter may not anger so many and be as difficult now.  The more reasonable solution is to rebid. It didn’t make sense months ago but, now, it has to be reconsidered. However, bid again for a winter or summer World Cup again? Bid again for a winter one is not sensible because almost every stakeholder objects now. No matter which candidate (Australia, Korea, Japan, Qatar or USA) is to win the rebid, FIFA faces the same set of unsolvable problems (Olympics, TV broadcasting rights, turmoil of all leagues etc).  Rebidding for a summer world cup was regard as repeating the same mistake months ago. However, as the issue progresses, there are new rationales come into the play. Firstly, one of the main problems is the hidden promise of switching to winter made by the UEFA head before the bid. However, in the new rebid all the ExCo members know the backgrounds and the trustworthiness of the ability of the air-conditioning systems to overcome the heat (including the advertised ‘artificial clouds’ etc). Secondly, some FIFA officials interpret that the bidding contract had the timing opened for FIFA to select/confirm “in principle”. This makes controversy and, luckily, this controversial ambiguity lays the rationale for FIFA to have a rebid on the 2022 World Cup hosting right legally, rationally and, perhaps, emphatically.  Based on the above, FIFA should, for this time, open a rebid with clear and not changeable timing of “hosting in summer of northern hemisphere”.  Rebidding is the best solution to get out of this mess. It is fair to Qatar because they had a secret deal but not this time. If Qatar refuses to join the rebid, then it may mean that they have no confidence in overcoming the heat with their proposed air-conditioning and weather solutions.  Another twist is that Qatar applies for an injunction to stop a rebid. Should this be the case, there are only two folds. Either, they want to keep the hosting right in summer. Or, they want a winter tournament. It will be a big relaxation for the European clubs and leagues if Qatar wants a summer game. On the other hand, probably, Qatar will not opt for an injunction based on the notion of moving to winter because that would mean they have no confidence in overcoming the heat problem again. If they cannot overcome the heat, FIFA can legally take off their hosting right.  If Qatar wins again, then congratulate. No more change again, just wait for the progress of the air-conditioning systems.  As for the poor working condition, it is not unique and unsolvable. Basically, FIFA just have to, in collaboration with the ITUC and other international labour right organizations, force and enforce Qatar companies to provide better facilities and working conditions to the works. It may cost them more, but Qatar is so rich that they surely can afford.  In conclusion, set up a new rebidding process which is strictly no change to winter.

    • kingm2

      If I were the Qatar organizing committee head, I will simply tell FIFA that Qatar will not move to winter to cause the world into chaos. It is because that Qatar has the technology to overcome the heat as stated in the bidding document. Also, FIFA cannot remove the already given to Qatar’s holding right because FIFA knew early on about the high risk. Not until 2022, no one knows what will happen because it is just high risk. If in that year, the air temperature becomes moving towards the low end of the climatic statistics, then everything will be okay.  If Qatar does not do the above they admitted in silence that they were lying about their technology in the bidding document.

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