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The 30 Day Song Challenge, But Every Song Is By The 80’s British Hit Band Tears For Fears

Out of all the great bands to come out of the 1980’s, one that continuously gets overlooked is the British Pop band Tears for Fears. Formed in 1981 by childhood best friends Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, they created some of the definitive music of the 1980’s. Despite this, they are under-appreciated in today’s media landscape. Tears for Fears combines everything there is to look for in a boy band; tragic backstories, powerful vocals, anger at the world, references to obscure psychotherapy practices, and great, great hair. In celebration of the original sad bois, I decided to see if I could honor them by doing the 30 Day Song Challenge, choosing songs exclusively from the discography of Tears for Fears, as well as the solo ventures of Orzabal and Smith. Let’s see how I do.

kindnessprevails 3 months ago