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    11 HOT Romance Books That Should Be Turned Into Movies Or Cable Shows NOW

    I am a firm believer that the book is always better than the movie...but if these 11 books were to be produced well, you may be looking at the next blockbuster film or "must see" cable shows!

    1. Move Over Rocky...Remy Is HERE! / Via Web

    Yo Remy, I did it! This NYT & USA Today best seller would translate into the next heavyweight champ in the box office. If this series was produced right, Remy could kick some Rocky ass. Check out Remy and the Real series by Katy Evans here:

    2. The New Days of Thunder - Driven by K. Bromberg

    Facebook: AuthorKBromberg / Via Facebook

    Remember Days of Thunder staring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? Well...there is a new race car driver in town. Colton Donovan is burning up the track and readers' hearts. I want to cast this movie (along with another 50,000 fans of this popular series).Check out K. Bromberg's series here: Colton is fast and furious.

    3. Move Over Sons of Anarchy - Check out The Hell's Horsemen / Via Web

    This gritty, down and dirty biker romance series would translate into such an amazing cable series. This three (and soon to be five) book series is the real deal. Did you ever think you wanted to live the life of a muffler bunny? Check out this series by Madeline Sheehan at>

    4. I Heart My Kidnapper - Consequences by Aleatha Romig

    Facebook: aleatha.romig / Via Facebook

    There are a handful of Stockholm syndrome related movies - such as The Getaway, A Life Less Normal, Tattoo, Dungeon etc...but there aren't any movies or shows that compare to the Consequences book series. I dare you to come up with a similar movie/show...finally a new concept. This multi-book series by Aleatha Romig is absolute Kindle Crack. If cast/scripted well, this will turn into a cable TV gold mine for HBO, Showtime or Netflix....or at least Lifetime.

    5. Vampire Diaries Lovers Would Love Sexy Angels that Rock! / Via Amazon

    Vampire Diaries? Check out Fall From Grace. Angels, resurrected souls and rock stars... This three book series from Christine Zolendez is heavenly. Check out Zolendz's author page:

    6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Acid- The Celestra Series by Addison Moore (photo) / Via Addison Moore web site

    This 8+ book paranormal romance series should be optioned for cable or a movie! It's considered young adult, but this series could definitely take a steamy adult spin. Go to to check out all of Moore's books.

    7. 50 Shades of Grey Meets The Mile High Club - In Flight by R.K. Lilley / Via RK Lilley via Pinterest

    Flying is scary enough nowadays. Screw reality... we need some sexy time airplane action...we need James Cavendish and the In Flight series This sexy as hell series fogged up my Kindle screen and could easily turn into sexy as hell show. Check out R.K. Lilley here:

    8. The Not So Dirty Version of Motley Crue's The Dirt Movie / Via Amazon

    I felt like I needed to wear a body condom while reading Motley Crue's autobiography The Dirt... It's now being turned into a movie. Check it out here - No body condom or Purell needed for the Groupie series by Ginger Voight. I could have used some anti-anxiety medication though while reading this "unputabledownable" rock romance. Check out this three book series on Amazon>

    9. Modern Day Dawson's Creek - More Than This series / Via Web

    Aussie writer Jay McLean's More Than This series could be the next (edgy) Dawson's Creek.

    10. You've Got Mail - No... You've Got Moore

    Facebook: juliearichman / Via Facebook

    Remember Now we have Moore! Imagine losing the love of your life and then finding him/her again via Facebook? I love this second chance romance series...Searching For Moore by Julie Richman">

    11. A Not So Demented Version of Natural Born Killers - Song Of The Fireflies

    Facebook: J.A.Redmerski / Via Facebook

    This spin off from J.A. Redmerski's popular The Edge of Never series could be a "lite" version of the movie Natural Born Killers.