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13 Grocery Store Items That Look Different In The UK

These products are almost the same on both sides of the Atlantic, but only the ones on the right have really sexy accents.

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2. Tropicana Orange Juice

If you want “no pulp” in the UK, look for “no bits”. If you do want pulp in the UK, maybe reconsider, because "with juicy bits" sounds disgusting.


3. Twinings English Breakfast Tea

This one belongs to the Brits, and as an American, I feel I have no right to comment on their tea. But I will say this, Britain. We both know what happened last time we fought over this stuff.

4. Dawn/Fairy DIsh Soap

"Fairy" is a cute name for dish soap, I guess, but I don't care what it's called it if it's not being used to save wildlife and make super cute commercials like this one.


11. Milky Way

WAIT, these are actually different products, so we have to make a more serious call. The British version is just nougat covered in chocolate, while the American version adds a layer of heavenly caramel to the party. I think we know who has the advantage here.

12. Bounty/Plenty Paper Towels

We need to have a talk, Bounty. You say 8 rolls, but I'm only seeing 6. Oh, it's LIKE getting 8 rolls, you say? Whatever, don't try to trick me with your endless mathematical mind games.

13. Cadbury Creme Eggs

Only the American version has kept the traditional colo(u)rs on the foil wrapping, but again, everyone wins here. Anyone else going through creme egg withdrawal?

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