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7 Reasons Marvel Should Bring Back The Runaways Comic

Runaways was Marvel superhero comic series launched in 2003. Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, the comic followed a misfit team of teen heroes until it was cancelled for good in 2007. Since then, the series has become a comic book cult classic and collected volumes of the series are still in print today. Now is the time for Marvel to revive this much beloved series.

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1. About young people for young people


The premise of Runaways is simple: “All young people believe their parents are evil ... but what if they really are?” A group of teens discover their parents are indeed super villains and run away together, intent on using their new found powers to bring their parents down. At its core the original Runaways was about struggling with new responsibility, identity, and what it meant to be young. What teenage or young adult couldn’t relate? Marvel is already trying to reach out by revamping characters like Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk to be younger and more appealing to millennials. Runaways is the perfect opportunity to capture a younger audience for years to come.

2. They're coming to Hulu

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In August 2016 it was announced that Marvel is pairing with Hulu to bring Runaways to television. Longtime fans of the comics, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, are heading up the show as writer and show runner. If Netflix’s Jessica Jones and Daredevil are any indication, when the Runaways series is released, there will undoubtedly be new fans that will want to know more about these characters and their stories. Marvel has a great opportunity to cash in on a new fanbase by releasing a new Runaways comic alongside the series.

3. Molly Hayes


The roster includes a bubbly 12 year old mutant with super strength and an propendency for super naps. Molly Hayes, aka “Princess Powerful”, is a literal ball of sunshine and righteous anger. Did I mention she sucker punched Wolverine through a door? She did. The world deserves more Molly Hayes.

4. Diverse in every way you can think of


The original roster included an African American super genius, an Asian American witch, a curvy girl with a pet dinosaur, and a lesbian alien who literally turns into rainbows. In later volumes characters like a Hispanic android and and a genderfluid shape-shifter of color join the cast. Don’t worry, they did include a token straight white male, Chase Stein, who has some of the funniest moments in the series. The great thing about Runaways was the diversity never felt artificial. Even when the team was all female with one male, the writers portrayed them as people first, making sure no one was overshadowed or put down. With Marvel’s track recorded with a lack of diversity (Where is our Black Widow movie!?), Runaways could bring a fresh new perspective to the comic lineup.

5. It’s been long enough for a restart


Runaways has been on "hiatus" for nearly a decade now. The characters have been scattered across the marvel universe to various series or are trapped in comic limbo. To relaunch the series now would give Marvel the opportunity to start with a fresh slate. A new story and style, while drawing inspiration from the original run, would open up the comics to readers new and old. Young Avengers went through a similar transition when they were revamped for Marvel Now with great results.

6. These kids will make you laugh and cry


The comics did a beautiful job at balancing tragedy with humor. No matter what dark places the group went to and no matter how many times they were beaten down, they came back with that sardonic humor or new shenanigans. This group of misfits will never fail to make you smile.

7. It's a gateway comic


When I first picked up Runaways, I didn’t even know they were part of the Marvel universe until characters like Iron Man and Captain America made cameos. Runaways’ premise makes for a mostly self contained story. New comic readers can pick it up without any prior comic knowledge, and then be slowly introduced to the larger Marvel comic universe. Marvel has a chance to create a starting place for a whole new audience of comic readers with a cast of characters full of potential.

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