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    • kimwashere92

      When I was 18, I desperately wanted to get my nape pierced. So after a summer of lifeguarding, I finally had enough money. My favorite shop was closed so me and a friend went to another across the street. The first red flag was that the people working there were condescending and it was $30 more expensive than the other shop. When I was finally pierced, the guy slipped in the jewelry and he kept trying to adjust it while it was already under my skin. When I got home and checked, I saw that it was lopsided. Fast forward about 2 weeks and one of the screws to the jewelry had fallen out. The screw-less end would go in and out of my neck whenever I moved. Because I was afraid it would get infected, I decided to just pull it out. I have a nice, visible scar where the piercing was.

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