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    13 Things People From Philly Can Relate To

    It's not all pretzels and cheese steaks here!

    1. You have unique slang at your disposal

    Raymond Clarke / Via Flickr: rclarkeimages

    Jawn, drawlin', Jeet

    2. You're genuinely confused by the supposed proper way to order cheese steaks

    Harpo Productions / Via

    Wiz what?

    3. You side eye these confused individuals


    You must be mistaken.

    4. You secretly have no idea what a Mummer is

    Art Braitman / Via Flickr: braitman

    But go to see them every year anyway

    5. You love to hate SEPTA

    ExactoCreation / Via Flickr: 126065748@N05

    Too early, too late and always smelly.

    6. And you're too stubborn to go along with their new changes

    Lindsell B. / Via Flickr: lindseywb

    Tokens, the EL, and R6 FOREVER!

    7. You often take for granted all the art you're surrounded by

    Bri / Via Flickr: zuski

    All the beautiful murals.

    Damon Branch / Via Flickr: 82629482@N03

    8. Ditto with historical monuments

    ufoseattle / Via Flickr: 44276960@N00
    Ted Mercado / Via Flickr: 22109728@N06

    Independence Mall

    9. You're sick of seeing tourists run up the "Rocky Steps"


    10. You know other local eats that are criminally underrated

    Larry Ogrodnek / Via Flickr: logrodnek

    Pork sandwich

    Robyn Lee / Via Flickr: roboppy

    Gelato from Capogiro

    11. And experience immediate euphoria upon finding one of these:

    12. You suspect South Philly of being its own city

    Brian Ortelere / Via Flickr: 129659835@N07

    Everything you need in this labyrinth

    13. And the two things you definitely aren't sharing:

    Creusaz / Via Flickr: 41396559@N07