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    13 Things People From Philly Can Relate To

    It's not all pretzels and cheese steaks here!

    1. You have unique slang at your disposal

    2. You're genuinely confused by the supposed proper way to order cheese steaks

    Harpo Productions / Via

    Wiz what?

    3. You side eye these confused individuals

    4. You secretly have no idea what a Mummer is

    5. You love to hate SEPTA

    6. And you're too stubborn to go along with their new changes

    7. You often take for granted all the art you're surrounded by

    8. Ditto with historical monuments

    9. You're sick of seeing tourists run up the "Rocky Steps"


    10. You know other local eats that are criminally underrated

    11. And experience immediate euphoria upon finding one of these:

    12. You suspect South Philly of being its own city

    13. And the two things you definitely aren't sharing: