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20 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Surrogacy

It's an unfamiliar path to parenthood for most, but the experience can be just as beautiful as a natural pregnancy.

1. By "surrogacy" most people are referring to a "gestational carrier."

2. You will likely spend more money than you planned to spend.

3. An attorney with surrogacy experience is worth every penny.

4. Surrogacy is not understood by the masses.

5. You will be judged.

6. Psychological evaluations are required for all involved.

7. The relationship with your surrogate is extremely unique and special.

8. Learn to trust and let go.

9. Visibility of your surrogate’s privates is not uncommon.

10. Put your big girl panties on.

11. Your stress level will be higher than if you were actually carrying the baby yourself.

12. People may offer empathy with their congratulations.

13. Have clear expectations with your surrogate about who you plan to invite to the birth.

14. You’ll need to repeat your story to the hospital crew when you check in.

15. It's OK to give your surrogate a moment with the baby after birth.

16. It's absolutely OK to let your surrogate nurse your baby at the hospital if needed — there won't be an "attachment" issue.

17. No post-baby body. You’ll get dirty looks.

18. Not carrying means you’re rested before the birth, but shockingly unprepared for sleepless nights after birth.

19. Sharing your story will inspire others.

20. Your surrogate will become your family's angel.

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