Just a regular guy trying to do extraordinary thing. Too busy living LIFE.
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  • The Mickeys Freestyle

    A typical “Maui Night” just jamming the ukulele and free-styling about Mickeys… Order by appearance: “Chon Chol” on the intro and harmonization, “Kimomon” on Verse 1, & “Jerz” on the strings and Verse 2, .

  • “The Usuals” W/ the Boys, Freestyle/Faith Works.

    Freestyle/Faith Works by SOJA. Just another night in paradise. The boys, some beer, some ‘herb’, a uke, and the Maui breeze is all we need to jam a tune. Maui is laid back & Music is life. We were up at “Chon Chol’s” hale having such a blast, this followed through well after 12:30am. I threw in some pictures of Kanikapila at the beach and what we do on the island.

  • An Original I Just Finished Called “Your Song”.

    Just a song I wrote for a girlfriend of mine from a while back, but only finished writing it when I did this video. Hope you like it! Enjoy & Mahalo for watching! Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/808Kimomon/147396418631225 Chords: G [x4], (High)C [x4], D [x2], (High)C [x2], then G [x4]. Lyrics: [Chorus] Now I’m just sitting here and jamming your song All I’ve been thinking of was you all day long And when I see your smile my heart starts to pound I just cant think straight girl when your not around [Verse 1] Girl I just need you here right in my loving arms And when your cold and lonely know that I’m here to keep you warm Now baby girl you make me feel alright I just love those moves you do all through the night Chorus [Verse 2] Oh honey girl just know my love for you is true My one and only wish is forever me and you You know how to make me smile when I’m feeling down Lets take a cruise out tonight and lets journey through the town Chorus

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