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  • DeleteTweet

    140 Characters Better Left Unsaid… DeleteTweet is the home of all of the outrageous, disgusting, and hilarious tweets, submitted from readers. The developers of deleteweet have called themselves ‘the moderators of the 140-character-internet’. Readers are allowed to vote on tweets posted on the site as to whether the twitter user should ‘delete’ their post, or ‘keep’ them. Here are some recent posts of tweets submitted to deletetweet: “i’ve had my wang out on chatroulette for like a week now and the only person who keeps seeing it is Paul… wtf”, “I swear I told you to go away, Evony babes. I know you can’t keep away from me and my hot royal blood, but I’m a taken man.”, “My hair smells like a weekend of mistakes.”, and “remember when we went to high school together and you had that pregnancy scare that you fixed with an abortion - good times”

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