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The Best Coldplay Songs That Were Never Singles

A Sky Full of Stars and Viva la Vida will forever be our jams, but I'm willing to bet the best ones are the ones few remember.

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1. "Square One" - X & Y

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The opening song of the infamous 2005 record X & Y is an upbeat one that talks about self--discovery, acceptance, and taking the first step towards yourself. In many ways, it goes hand in hand with the song "Talk", also included in the same album.

2. "What If" - X & Y


Another song included in X & Y (seriously, one of the greatest), this song not only includes the beautiful melodies of the lovely Chris Martin, but also acknowledges the fact that sometimes life doesn't go as we want and that it's okay to be caught in the eye of the storm. An excellent song to listen to when you're having just one of those days.

3. Us Against the World - Mylo Xyloto

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Hands down the best song included in Mylo Xyloto, this is a song that begs to be sung along to when you're driving home alone on a Sunday night.

4. Gravity - X & Y


This song that starts as a soft ballad does an amazing job transitioning it's music through the flow of lyrics that makes you consider if a piece of your heart wrote it for your significant other.

5. 'Til Kingdom Come - X & Y

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Though this was a hidden track in X & Y, the song did get some attention after being included in a scene of The Amazing Spiderman back in 2012. It's a hidden gem that draws you in with its simplicity and fresh sound.

6. 1.36 - The Scientist

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This rare delight was included in the B-Side of the single 'The Scientist', which had originally came from the 2002 album A Rush of Blood to the Head. This song has a very unique, original sound that isn't heard much from the band today, and is reminiscent of the early classic rock and roll.

7. Warning Sign - A Rush of Blood to the Head

This song doesn't even need an explanation due to its widespread appeal to many people. Do a quick YouTube search of covers and you'll know what I'm talking about.

8. The Escapist - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

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Based on this theory,

"Coldplay’s fourth album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, begins with Life In Technicolor, and ends with Death and All His Friends. However, at the end of Death and All His Friends there is a hidden track called The Escapist. The lyrics are as follows: “And in the end we lie awake, and we dream of making our escape.” Life In Technicolor starts with the same music that The Escapist ends with. Thus, Death is Escaped and Life begins again."

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