Once Upon A Time Characters That Need To Come Back

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who grieved Pan's Death.

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1. Maleficent

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We only saw here for some brief moments in Season 1, and we were graced with her dragon form, but that's it? I'm still dying to know how she even had her hands on the curse in the first place.

2. Hansel & Gretel

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Sure, these characters only real purpose was to mirror Emma's life, but I'm still dying to know what happens to these kids one they ended up back with their father. Does he eventually own up to ditching them and they became one big happy family? And I for one would love to see an emotional reunion once the curse broke, well, the first time.

3. Cinderella & Prince Thomas (& Alexandria!)

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I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this story. And Prince Thomas in Storybrooke was a dispicable human being for most of it. But I'm more curious to how life is now going with a young baby in their lives. Here's hoping to baby Neal and Alexandria growing up to be soulmates!

4. Peter Pan

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Okay, let's look past the fact that Robbie Kay is a total babe and literally acted his perfect little heart on the character. There's still some questions that aren't answered. Why was he so obsessed with youth? How did he meet Tinkerbell? WHY WAS FELIX SO DAMN FAITHFUL TO HIM?!

5. Mulan

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I don't have any doubts that she'll make an appearance sometime soon, especially since she is now a part of the merry men. But can you blame me for wanting to rush an Aurora / Mulan reunion sooner rather than later?

8. Red Riding Hood / Ruby

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We were blessed with her presense for a brief moment when the characters ended up back in the Enchanted Forest, but it still wasn't enough to fully explain why she's been AWOL in the Charming's lives. Nevermind the fact that Meghan Ory was fliming Intelligence during the season.

9. The Mad Hatter / Jefferson

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There are a million of reasons I want this character back, but even just a quick glance of his happy life back with Grace will be more than sufficient.

10. Sidney Glass / The Magic Mirror

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He takes blame for the Queen's doings and sadly ends up in a nut house after it's all played out. Is he ever let out once the case breaks? Does he really go crazy once he's back in the Enchanted Forest? Is he back in the mirror or a genie? What is it?!?!

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