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Which McDonald RA Are You Most Like?

This is very important. Which member of the best 2016-2017 staff are you?

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  1. Which fictional character best represents you?

    Anna from Frozen
    April Ludgate from Parks and Rec
    Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility
    Monica from Friends
    Gus from Psych
    Mushu from Mulan
  2. What is your favorite type of dance?

    Cha Cha Slide
    Freestyle AKA a lot of shoulder and neck movement
    Contemporary or hip-hop
    Any line dancing
    A good waltz
    Going all out/crazy/looking like a fool!
  3. What is your favorite snack?

    Banana chips yo
    Cheese sticks, cheese balls, plain cheese
    Chocolate-covered strawberries = balanced meal
    Apples or bananas with peanut butter
    Trail mix and string cheese
  4. How did you react to Hazmat 2k16?

    Headed towards the buses, realized that was dumb because I have a car/friends with cars, called my friend then had the best day eva with Chipotle and shopping and friends
    I said: "Dang it that pretty picture I took this morning wasn't of fog?"
    I put on a surgical mask and followed cars randomly before pulling a very confused U'ee
    Immediately called my suitemate and RD, making sure everyone got out safely
    Washed off my avocado/oatmeal face mask, got dressed, went to St. Jo, and texted everyone from BC whose number I had to see if they were okay
    Headed north and tried not to breathe
  5. What word or catchphrase do you say most often?

    "Chica bonita"
    "Perf" and "Okay sounds good"
    "That's so wonderful!"
    "Hot dog!"
    "So good!" and "Good deal!"
    "Praise Jesus" and "Awko taco"
  6. Describe your perfect date in one phrase/sentence.

    Spend the day serving at an orphanage and then make supper together and talk all night about life
    Watch the early morning sunrise with a big cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and good conversation
    A walk in fresh snow with coffee after
    Going on a long hike then feasting/picnicking on top of the mountain overlooking the scenic area then watching the sunset and marveling at God's creation/pondering life
    Bike ride in the rain to get ice cream
    Walk around a lake and pit stop for coffee or ice cream
  7. What is(are) your go-to item(s) in your closet?

    Athletic shorts, Birks, Keens
    Leggings and oversized sweaters
    Old Navy sweater and riding boots
    Cozy sweaters and sweatpants
    Leggings and a leather jacket
    Chacos and running shoes
  8. Where can you be found on an average Saturday night?

    Raging with the gal pals AKA playing spoons/feastin it up!
    On an adventure!
    Hanging out with friends playing board games
    Drinking wine and watching Netflix/movie with friends
    Doing homework and watching a movie
  9. Which faculty/staff member is your favorite? (other than the McDonald staff)

    Sean Mulcahy
    Dione Mispage
    Dr. Madden
    Dr. Adams
    Dr. Sienkiewicz
  10. How would your friends describe you?

    Calm, patient, slow-moving, goofy
    Chill, funny, honest, good listener and advice giver
    Crazy, laughs a lot, loves adventures, loves food
    Odd child, energetic, joyful, fun-loving, entertaining to watch eat, "buzzin' friendly bee"
    Adventurous, disorganized, easy to laugh at anything
  11. What's one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to you at BC?

    Inviting a student to ride in the golf cart and taking off before she was securely on so she fell off and went rolling down the street causing massive bruising all over her body
    Biffed it at the bottom of the Abbey hill on rollerblades
    Being corrected by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools in KCK at a dinner with P-Minny
    Showing up in PJs to a dressy building consecration ceremony
    Fell flat on my face when beginning a run as I was exiting campus and everyone stopped to stare and I ran away as fast as possible
    Almost every time I go to Adoration or Mass, my stomach makes weird noises that sounds like I'm farting...I'm not!
  12. What is your favorite thing about being an RA?

    Saying hi to all of my people on the raven walk/all over campus...but really making 150 new friends
    Being called to serve at all times not just during office hours (...also when residents give me food)
    Delighting in the existence of others...while eating food
    When residents invite me into their suites
    Having heart warming conversations with residents and sharing in funny moments together
    Getting to share life with so many awesome girls

Which McDonald RA Are You Most Like?

You got: Erin Leahy

Congrats! You are the cutest chica on the planet! You laugh at literally everything and are always down for some chips and salsa.

Erin Leahy
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You got: Claire Mealey

Congrats! You are anorganized soccer mom! You are always down for a going on a 15 mile run or settling in to watch a heartwarming movie.

Claire Mealey
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You got: Anna Jacobs

Congrats! You are a classy, classy lady. You are always down for a hot cup of coffee or staying active in any way (no matter how slow-moving).

Anna Jacobs
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You got: Jocelyne Kleinsmith

Congrats! You are an adventurous youngster! You are always down for a good time and a large piece of chocolate.

Jocelyne Kleinsmith
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You got: Kim Krings

Congrats! You are a sassy grandma! You are always down for good conversation and eating lots of carbs.

Kim Krings
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You got: Cristina Gonzalez

Congrats! You are a lovable leader. You are always down for offering help where needed or laughing at any story or joke.

Cristina Gonzalez
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