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    • kimh36

      The first time I got high was a complete accident. I just started school at UC Berkeley, and I was invited to a new friend’s birthday party on a Friday night. The birthday boy had a medical marijuana card, and decided to make a huge batch of double fudge brownies. I arrived at the party and immediately zoned in on the brownies. Chocolate is one of my favorite food groups, and these had chocolate ribbons all through them. Now you’d think I would have noticed something amiss, especially because everyone was going on and on about the ‘special’ brownies. Nope, this east coast transplant had no idea what they were talking about, and that kid was a seriously good cook. The brownies didn’t taste funny at all. So as I was chomping down brownie #4, a friend realized my naive mistake and told me what was up. Within the hour it hit me - I was stoned out of my mind and couldn’t stop talking. I think I recited the entire plot and half the script of some movie I had seen recently.  I remember staying at the party until 2am or 3am. Some nice grad students gave me a ride home. I ate half the food in my fridge while staring at a wall (the crunching was so LOUD in my head). And then I called my mother’s office line and left a voicemail telling her everything I had just done. Monday morning, when I finally came out of the fog, I got a frantic call from my mother. ‘Whats wrong? Are you ok?? I got a crazy message from you slurring and such - what happened??’ ‘Oh, hey mom. I finally tried marijuana, I got high for the first time last weekend.’ ‘sigh. That’s it? Jesus, I thought something serious happened.. Listen, I’m kind of busy here. Don’t leave weird messages about nonsense like that. I gotta go.’

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