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10 Highly Anticipated Healthcare Technologies That Will Change The World

Like last year, there are many revolutionary devices that have, and are hitting the industry of healthcare in 2017. With more innovations in the medical devices, software, and updates in how healthcare is catered, we can only expect even better solutions in the future.

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Most of this growth is due to the growing adoption of many healthcare IT solutions that are being offered by so many healthcare providers. Also, there are healthcare and biotech marketing companies, such as DevicePharm, and even more that make it easier and smoother for the new medical devices and software to be introduced in the market. Here have been summarized 10 medical or healthcare gadgets that will benefit their users in the following year. Let’s take a look!

1.Ava Fertility monitoring

This fertility monitoring device looks like a connected bracelet that aims at bringing revolution in the area of women's reproductive wellbeing. This bracelet can precisely detect a woman’s entire fertility system in real time and helps them plan their monthly cycle in a much better way. Ava fertility monitoring device is invented by data experts and scientists of wearable technology in Switzerland.

2.Dring Smart Cane

The invention of Dring demonstrates that technology has the potential to make almost everything ‘smart’ in the present time. It's a walking stick that is associated with top-notch technology, and is certainly going to be one of the biggest head-turners of the following year. Produced by Fayet, this walking stick device is known as Smart Cane, and comes with an intelligent alert system. Placed inside the walking stick, this system has GPS, gyroscope in addition to an accelerometer. It can help detect any falls and alerts along with the exact location of the user. This information is automatically sent to the smartphone of user's guardian in order to provide help to the user in emergency.

3.Sleep Better With S+

The S+ is the first complete sleep tracking system in the world. This device looks like an alarm clock that is combined with an additional smart feature- patent-protected Sleep Sensor technology that is designed to track, analyze, and improve sleep cycle at home without having the need of mattress strips, wearable or electrodes. The S+ is kept beside the bed like any alarm clock where it starts doing its job. It uses extraordinary bio-motion and calibrated respiratory sensors for measuring and analyzing sleep stages, and records the movements where breathing and different body movements expand and relax the chest

4.Smart Watch for Sleep Apnea

Apnea is a serious and dangerous health condition which can cause the patient stop breathing periodically during sleep. Apnea can also lead to hypertension, brain attacks, heart diseases, diabetes and somnolence. Neogia has come up with a revolutionary solution known as MOTIO HW that is designed to recognize this frightening medical problem and normalize sleep. It looks like a smart watch, and is easy to use. This wearable will detect sleep Apnea and enhance sleeping quality through a personalized artificial intelligence technology that aims at learning about the health condition of the wearer.

5.Temperature Monitoring Device

TempTraq's latest health device aims at helping you keep an eye on your little baby's temperature. It's a patch- like smart gadget that can be used to measure temperature all the time. It can continuously sense, record and send temperature data to your mobile device without having the need to distribute the child unnecessarily. This temperature checking gadget functions amazingly because of its double effect as it not only calms you down but also lets the baby sleep peacefully.

6.Chest Strap To Monitor Your Hearth

QardioCore brings you a discreet and easy-to-use hearth monitor. Approved by FDA, this wearable device has no patches and wires. It makes use of sensors for recording clinically accurate ECG, heart rate and its variables, skin temperature, activity data, and respiratory rate. Also, this gadget allows you to share this data with medical professionals, or even sync to Apple's health app on iPhones or iPads. This chest strap was first released in April this year and now being shipped worldwide.

7.Mio Slice

All people have their own fitness plan and health conditions, and this gadget is designed to take care of this. Known as Mio Slice, this gadget looks and works like a fitness tracker. It can measure the steps you take, the distance you cover, the calories you burn in a day. Moreover, it also records your heart rate and track sleep. The gadget comes with its own Personal Activity Intelligence index that allocates users a tailored and targeted fitness score which will also reflect what your body responds to a physical activity according to your heart rate. In short, Mio Slice is a reformation of all the fitness trackers available in the market today.

8.Smart Glasses For The Visually Impaired

Aira's smart glasses are designed to help those who have problems with vision. The manufacturer has employed a unique system that uses a pair of smart glasses or a phone camera, and allows an agent to visualize what a blind person can see in real-time. The device then talks to the person through whatever situation they are in. These smart glasses will be very helpful for visually impaired people for a variety of tasks such as crossing a street, shopping or finding the light switch.

9.Keep Calm And Measure Contractions

Pregnancy is the period of joy, stress and lots of worries. You may be worrying if your little one is healthy and safe or you are doing well. Bloomlife is eager to help those women who are expecting and are concerned about the pregnancy and its complications. This pregnancy gadget is a wearable device that can be stick to the bump of the baby in order to measure contractions. The process of measurements is done by reading the electrical movement of uterine muscle of the baby. The gadget sends the information to your smartphone allowing you to read and interpret the data. Using this medical device you can differentiate between false contractions like Braxton Hicks and real contractions.

10.The Ultimate Fitness Ring

We have been witnessing large sized fitness trackers and wearables that are uncomfortable and too visible as well. The latest fitness tracking invention by Motiv is the demonstration of the idea to introduce a tiny ring with a focus of tracking your fitness in a fashionable way. This ring has step counter, sleep tracker, and heart rate monitor. Moreover, the gadget is also withstood the advanced elements so that you have no problems during any activities including swimming.

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